You are almost there. The huge rush, those long queues are soon going to begin. No, we are absolutely not bothered about your Black Friday shopping craze. We are rather concerned about saving your hard earned pennies, something you may easily throw away in taxes. This mad rush you ought to be prepared for is the Open Enrollment 2017 (November 1st, 2016 to January 31st, 2017).

You need to pull up your socks as 2017 Open Enrollment has already begun. If you have been checking our blogs regularly, you must be aware of all that you need doing during this 2-month schedule. However, if this is the first time, we will tell you what not to do during the Open Enrollment period.

1- For once, don’t stop window shopping

Men are averse to window shopping, while women just love doing it. However, while shopping for health insurance plans, it is not so attractive to window shop. However, that doesn’t mean that you will blindly renew your existing plan. There are changes that keep happening every year on the premiums and subsidies (out-of-pocket, deductibles, copay, coinsurance, etc.). If you do not check what you are buying now, you will not know the actual charges until you have gone ahead and used the plan. At that time it will be impossible for you to change to any other plan.

Look carefully at all plans, what they are offering, how much they are charging. When in doubt, consult with our licensed insurance agents at 1 (800) -878-8755. It’s absolutely free.

2- Don’t shy away from calling insurance company

You need to be really proactive. ACA is very new. Many changes brought about in the health insurance sector are there for the first time. It is fine not to understand different aspects provided in the plan. Call up your insurance company. Have a detailed talk with the human resources department about the options available in your plan. Talking will help. There are different extensions made in the plans, various plans have increased their network. Most of the plans have subsidies much higher than earlier.

3- Don’t buy low premium plans

Have you experienced buying cheap shoes from the street shopkeeper and the soles coming out next day? Buying health insurance with lower monthly premiums can be at least twice as embarrassing as walking with torn shoes on the road. What comes with low monthly premiums, has very high, in fact, the highest deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses when you will actually need coverage.

Moreover, those who have enough money to buy the costly premium health insurance plan should actually do so. They will actually help provide assistance to those who are from a lower economic background and cannot afford health insurance. Your contribution will go into paying for their health care costs.

4- Don’t buy without understanding the fine print of the plans

If you thought your health insurance plan brochure is like a simple comic, something you can give a cursory look at, you are thoroughly mistaken. You need to conduct a proper research on what plan will work best for you. Get a fine print of all the plans available. Check them thoroughly and pick only that plan that you can use at frequent intervals. You must check if your policy has maximum in-network coverage of physicians and hospitals so that you are not left without coverage in case of not finding a doctor or hospital that you prefer.

Most of us are confused about the future of health insurance marketplace. Despite the election results, you need to keep yourself safe from tax penalty making a major hole into your pocket. Your time to save starts this November 2016. Pay attention to the federal government’s health insurance mandate.