Hurry! 14 days have passed since Open Enrollment 2017 has begun. If you haven’t done any research on health insurance requirements, the new rules and strict regulations that have been introduced and penalties for not enrolling into the program, better look for a good health insurance agent or broker who can enlighten you about the same. Here are 7 basic points that will help you identify whether your broker is efficient and skillful:

  1. Your broker is the middleman between your healthcare requirements and the company that is going to provide it to you at an affordable rate. Hence, it is really important that your broker is really skilled and can handle your case well. An insurance broker should be immediately able to identify and explain which combination of plans will work best for your budget.
  2. If you are a business firm, and you wish to get health insurance plans for your employers, check for a broker who can easily put together a good plan depending on the size of the employees and their income levels. He should be able to guide you through the right answers for your health insurance related queries. Of course, you too need to do some research to understand what genuine queries you may have for the enrollment procedure.
  3. Confident and well presented- A shabby broker may be a super intellect in his profession, but that’s just an exception. Any good broker will be well kept, really effective with his speech and also well-versed with all the insurance paraphernalia you ask him about. Of course, you should also be careful if he/she is genuine and not superficial.
  4. Concise and relevant- Some people have a habit of beating around the bush, going round and round a point and not explaining the core facilities within a scheme. A good insurance broker will be explaining you your queries precisely and will always keep his inputs relevant. Brokers beating around the bush are not skilled enough to provide you with useful information.
  5. Well executed Transition plans- In case you wish to know about the transition from one plan to another, your health insurance broker should be able to identify and explain which transition will help you best. He will also be able to judge which health plan provider is best for what kind of plans.
  6. Ready with answers to FAQ- Every prospect will have a common set of questions and some specific ones. Frequently asked questions can be both easy yet, requiring an in-depth understanding of the field. In case your broker seamlessly answers all your questions, you should know you are with a good insurance agent.
  7. Explains the cost status and benefits- A good broker will be extremely swift and accurate about your cost factors, depending upon your and your family’s earning and investments, expenditure, etc. Any good broker will suggest a plan that will best suit your budget according to your earning and expenses.

Now rush and look for a good broker in the health insurance domain, so that you can start paying your monthly premiums. Only then you will be eligible to avail the best health care services and not burden yourself with a huge amount of bills to clear.

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