Anthem blue cross blue shield

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield was formed in 1940.   Anthem company and WellPoint Health Networks, Inc. merged and then formed two Indianapolis companies- a mutual insurance company and mutual hospital insurance Inc. These two companies merged again into what we call Anthem.

Anthem Blue Cross was designed to help its customers with rapid access to tools and the information they need in health insurance field. The privacy of any customer is very vital and every effort is made at Anthem to safeguard any information we acquire. Any kind of personal information is not sold here.

TrueCoverage provides affordable health insurance through it’s partnership with Anthem.  As a leader in the Healthcare Marketplace, we can find you the BEST health insurance and supplemental insurance policies anywhere.  Our team also works to earn you every premium tax credit and insurance subsidy that you deserve.

Anthem maintains a network of multi-specialty practitioners, individual and independent doctors, health care facilitators, ancillary insurance providers to cater to all the enrollees of our health insurance plans through Anthem.

Health Insurance providers have agreement with Anthem on these coverage terms:

  • Liability insurance through medical malpractice has to comply with all the state regulations. They have to provide coverage for all kinds of errors, acts or omissions while proving those services as has been placed in the agreement. In those states where applicable caps are present, health insurance providers will provide coverage not less than what has been marked within the statutory cap.
  • Workers and their compensations coverage should have employee’s liability healthcare coverage and statutory limits.
  • Commercial liability coverage for our customers cannot have limits less than $1,000,000/ occurrence and $2,000,000 for any kind of physical injury. This includes personal injury and contractual healthcare coverage.

Self-insurance can also act as captive management retaining a huge group of insurers making a trust. A provider of self-insurance will provide and maintain evidence of these factors:

  • All incurred claims will be validated by our actuaries. Our actuaries will also validate incurred claims that are not reported and all future claims based upon their previous records and experiences.
  • Customers can claim for third party administration support or from attorneys or claims professionals who have proper license.
  • Defense firms that protect customers from medical malpractices and professional thefts.
  • Surety bond evident and credit reserve is maintained as the limit for the self-insured.

Many Health insurance terms take a totally new dimension when they reach the purview of Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield plans. For instance, a short term health insurance within the Blue Cross Blue Shield domain can be a rather safe plan. Different rules that protect a customer seeking affordable health insurance plans is rather safe under the BCBS Anthem BCBS domain.

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