8 Reasons why You Should Buy Health Insurance with Obamacare

Has it become absolutely impossible not to bump into Open Enrollment 2017 ads? Everywhere you go, there is at least one banner, one placard, or some sort of announcement asking you to enroll into Affordable Care Act (ACA) within the period of Open Enrollment (starts November 1, 2016, ends January 1, 2015).

If you are thinking you do not need health insurance coverage, you need to be aware of the consequences. You will be debited with tax penalties in case of not having health care coverage under the ACA. Understood, health care is costly in the U.S., yet, you need to be covered due to many factors, especially after the facilities provided under the Obamacare. We have tried to identify 8 compelling ones:

reasons to buy health insurance

1.     Pediatric services- including vision and dental care

Our children are anytime the highest priority of our life. You were right when you totally shied away from health care coverage earlier, as it did not take care of your child’s medical requirement costs. But, ACA has looked into the factor and included CHIP (Child Health Insurance Policy). Now our child’s health care requirements will be covered under the health insurance plans, with a lot of subsidies etc. included into it. The dental and eye care plans are also available at affordable rates.

2.     Tools and devices that help you recover from disability or injury

I still remember those gruesome visuals presented in old war movies, where actors would stitch their own cuts and wounds. I am told there are people who actually stitch their own wounds, fearing the payment of enormous bills to the doctor. With Obamacare, you are no longer that World War hero/villain, stitching your own wounds; you are covered under the affordable health care act. Even if you are not admitted for injuries but require medical attention, you are entitled to coverage.

3.     Outpatient care

Not every illness warrants getting admitted to hospitals. In-patient care is something which is absolutely taken into account when you are seriously ill. Earlier, before Obamacare was introduced, outpatients were not covered under health insurance coverage. However, post-ACA, you have every reason to ensure enrolling into health insurance plans as outpatients are allowed to receive coverage.

4.     Pre-natal and post-natal care

Earlier conceiving was a major issue. Couples would plan their options between bringing a child and buying a new house. Today, the situation has totally changed and ACA has a big role to play in that. If you are enrolled under ACA, you can get your baby’s birth covered both before the baby is born and post pregnancy care of both the mother and the infant.

5.     Formularies

Drugs can be really expensive, especially some of the very special ones for serious illnesses. In any situation, buying prescription drugs cannot be afforded unless some sort of external resource is there to support. Under Obamacare, you now get a great lot of coverage from your provider company for prescription drugs.

6.     Mental disorder and cases of substance abuse

One of the main shortcomings in the USA, in general, was the lack of proper strategy and infrastructure to help the mentally challenged people. Lack of availability of any sort of coverage led into most of these patients going from bad to worse, as they were not issued health insurance plans. However, Obamacare mandates that even the mentally disabled patients should be provided the best of help (both financial and social) to fight these ailments.

7.     Pre-condition and other service coverage

If you had been denied health coverage for diabetes or if you already had it before taking the health plan, you don’t have to worry. All the difficult and serious diseases like diabetes, cardiac issues, cancer etc. will now get coverage even if they were detected before health insurance plans begin coverage.

8.     Preventive services like healing, physiotherapy, etc.

The best thing ACA has done is to include all kinds of extra medical facilities like screenings, tests, physiotherapy, audio therapies into the facilities provided under health insurance coverage policies. You do not just receive coverage for your core medical facilities now, but also other additional services as mentioned above.

Guess you have got enough reasons to be excited about buying health insurance plans this Open Enrollment, starting from November 1, 2016. Find out which is the best carrier in your state, and then discuss with experts on which plans you should be buying.

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