The COVID-19 pandemic now pervading the USA, and to a greater or lesser extent over 180 national economies worldwide, affects each individual, family, community, state, or nation differently. If you are even glancing at the headline, ‘Find Financial Protection from Coronavirus ….’ ‘How to Manage Your Finances….’ you are probably concerned about how to manage your financial affairs today during the lockdown and for the months and years ahead. To be concerned is probably an understatement.  You are not alone in these worrying times but already there are encouraging signs that America can ‘get back to work’.


But that does not mean that all our financial worries are over.

Our readers have asked us the questions? How can I manage my money during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic? How can I get financial protection from Coronavirus?

During lockdown, we are asking the following questions?  

During the lockdown, we are also looking at following questions

Of course, we can’t resolve all your problems but we try to point you in the right direction to reach the best outcomes and remember the pandemic crisis affects us all.  The people and organizations you are dealing with may have similar problems and certainly have a shared interest finding financial protection from Coronavirus.