Obamacare Repeal Alternative-Health Insurance For Everyone?

obamacare repeal alternative

Ever since America has found it’s 45th president-elect, Obamacare has been a constant target. Health insurance for everyone is the new slogan repeatedly used by our president, Mr. Donald Trump. The estimate is- additional 20 million American citizen will be enrolled into affordable health insurance plans after Trumpcare gets introduced.

Obamacare was implemented on 23rd March, 2010- a health insurance policy which helped almost 16.1% reduction in the rate of uninsured in USA. While the republicans are citing various cons of Obamacare, I still don’t think they can outnumber the numbers of pros of having Obamacare repealed and replaced.

Chris Hayes has rightly stated,

The thing they’re trying to stop is 30-million people getting health insurance. That’s the substance.”

Republicans state that more than $20 trillion has already been spent towards Affordable Care Act (ACA). Still no result has been obtained in terms of health insurance for everyone in America. However, what the new president is failing in observing are the following 5 vital points:

  1. Educational loans in the US are an exorbitant rate. Students who are not under scholarship programs are spending thousands of dollars every year towards their studies. If they have to pay for their health care as well, survival will be a big challenge for these students. Under Obamacare, there is a condition where children under the age of 26 years can still remain under their parents’ health insurance plans and enjoy some relaxation.

When republicans will replace Obamacare, will they take care of these students healthcare requirements, as they still need some kind of monetary protection to run themselves tension free?

  1. One of the main agendas for Mr. Trump was to enable the citizen of the USA with opportunities to self employment and better job opportunities. Start-up ventures have been greatly promoted by this government. Let us assume, there are many people interested in opening small-and-medium companies. If the employee strength for these firms is less than 25, will the Trumpcare provide tax-credits for up to about 50% of their total employer-based health insurance costs? We must remember that Obamacare is currently providing that facility to SMEs with 25 full-time employee strength.
  1. Have the Republicans checked every details of Medicare? Whatever were the requirements earlier and what new formatting was done post Obamacre? They must be aware of all the frauds and wasteful spending have been cut down by ACA. If Obamacare remains, every senior citizen gets all the facilities stated down for Medicare. Unless Trumpcare has come up with healthy and prudent alternatives that will actually help every American citizen above 65 years benefit from Medicare, they should stall the idea of repealing Obamacare.
  1. Ever since ACA was adopted, more than 15.9 men, women and children have been covered under affordable health insurance plans. These are people under 138% of the federal poverty level (FPL) and had no healthcare coverage before ACA got implemented. Almost 38 states in the USA have adopted Medicaid extensions which allows medical health insurance to people under 138% to 400% of the FPL.

Has Mr. Trump thought of any good alternative for this facility that Obamacare has afforded. Think again… Do you need Obamcare repealed?

  1. Child Health Insurance Plan (CHIP) was also expanded under Obamacare to bring in over 9 million children in the healthcare umbrella. Has the new replacement to Obamacare any plans to increase the number of children under CHIP coverage? If no, how do they plan to comply with their moto- health insurance for Everyone!.

The last healthcare reform, prior to Obamacare had happened in the 1960s- when Medicaid and Medicare were introduced. Many governments got replaced after that. No one had the guts to interfere in the working of the complicated and mammoth healthcare industry. It was in 2010, under the Presidential responsibility of Mr. Barack Obama, the entire healthcare industry of America experienced a huge reform.

Do the Republicans think they are so well researched and adept in tackling a new reform to this ever growing healthcare industry barely 7 years within its implementation? Think again…

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