In another article (manage risks during summer activities) we suggested that being outdoors may not be entirely risk-free but it is one of the safest ways of combatting the COVID-19 pandemic.

As the states relax their lockdown regulations, many of us will be thinking of traveling to take a break either as individuals, with the family, or with friends.  Our advice is the same, spend as much time as you can (socially distanced, of course) in the open-air activity.  Tennis, golf, watersports, and even walking may not be zero risk but they are among the safest activities for families and friends.


How to manage risks in staying at a hotel or shared accomodation?

A brief search on the internet will show that some states are less affected by coronavirus than others.  It makes sense to plan ahead and combine your chosen pastime with a lower risk location and how to manage risks when staying at a hotel.  That is your first big decision. BUT remember you won’t be the only one. Search for accommodation that actively practices ‘social distancing’, has outdoor eating facilities and recreation areas (avoid indoor gyms and play areas).  If you need more than one room, try to have them adjoining to limit the need to use corridors.

If you can, reserve rooms on the lower floors.  Using the stairs is good exercise! AND it avoids sharing the enclosed space of most lifts. Hotel holidays are generally considered to be relatively low-risk especially in rural areas away from ‘holiday hotspots’.

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If you decide to holiday with friends, another household, make sure that both have been quarantining and limiting their exposure to others.  Holidaying with friends, especially for children, is constructive.  It allows the group to interact with others without the need for strict social distancing.

Of course, you may go a stage further and decide to share a vacation house.

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Make sure that all participants in the venture have similar expectations and try to ensure that all the necessary precautions have been taken for at least 14 days before departure. A holiday home puts you in far greater control of your environment, including your involvement with the general public.  For this reason, a vacation house is safer than holidaying in a hotel, especially if there are outdoor activities to suit each member of the party.

How to manage risks while going camping?

FINALLY, we consider CAMPING.  This is probably the safest holiday you can have, at least in terms of protection from viral infection!  It is not totally RISK-FREE, there are still the bears to worry about!

Safest of all is to camp in an isolated area with members of your own household or another household with similar expectations. 

A crowded campground may offer more facilities but you will need to take more care in communal areas such as washrooms and shared sporting equipment.

However, you choose to spend your vacation, always try to maintain social distancing in public areas. If this is not possible, wear a mask. On holiday, particularly, every member of the party should carry antiseptic wipes AND be prepared to use them.