On-Exchange refers the Health Insurance plans that are available to EMPLOYERS  on health insurance marketplaces – be it the, Federal Exchange State Exchange or Private Exchange (such asTrueCoverage).  You can compare various plans and benefits available on the Exchange, check the tax benefits for the company and employees. Most importantly, by dealing through the exchange sure that you  whether you are available for a subsidy, and enroll in the Health plan that matche your company needs.

In contrast to the Federal and State Exchanges who consider only the implications ot the ACA,  Private Exchanges can review the whole of your company’s employee benefits package and insurance  needs e.g. group life insurance, workers’compensation.

Off-Exchange Plans

Off-Exchange refers to plans that are available only by dealing  directly with your chosen Insurance providers/carriers or brokers. Clearly this limits your choice of the plans on offer.  They cannot give you any savings with respect to ACA allowances or subsidies.

TrueCoverage offers both On-Exchange and Off-Exchange plans

TrueCoverage specializes in working with  small businesses to provide the most affordable insurances that meet your business needs.  TrueCoverage Licensed Insurance agents are here to help you choose the best plan available for you and company.On or off-exchange. You can see  the plan options side by side by just filling in your basic details. The Summary of Benefits is and the costs are explained  in a transparent way and there are no hidden costs involved.

If you want to look for other types of group insurance such as dental, vision, life, you can  shop for them on the TrueCoverage website or contact our highly rated customer support and insurance agents for the best quotes. Yes, it is free to use our comprensive website and all the educational resources.