The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is designed to do three things:

  1. Ensure that all American citizens have access to affordable treatment and that the risk is shared reasonably between the insured and the insurer.
  2. Create a competitive insurance industry while setting standards for the performance, and delivery cost.
  3. Require all American citizens who can afford to do so, to maintain Minimum Essential Coverage. The act provides that many who cannot do so will be exempted from the requirement or supported by Federal / State subsidy.

You may, of course approach an Insurance company or its agents directly, “OFF EXCHANGE”.  There are hundreds of insurers and thousands of plans.  You may have more plans to choose from but you may have brokerage fees to pay and you will not benefit from the subsidies available under the ACA.


 The marketplace includes the federal exchange, state-specific exchanges and private health insurance exchanges such as TrueCoverage.

“On Exchange” means you can compare a far wider range of options various plans and benefits available through a single contact point.  You can check whether you are entitled to a subsidy, select and enrol in the plan that best suits your situation.

TrueCoverage offers both On-Exchange and Off-Exchange plans.

Our  concern is for you to have a choice from the widest possible range of options. 

TrueCoverage Licensed Insurance agents are here to help you choose the best plan available for you and your family, whether it is on-exchange or off-exchange.

 Our easy-to-use tools like the subsidy calculator help you to understand whether you are eligible for a Federal or State subsidy. You can also see plan options side by side by just filling in your basic details.

The Summary of benefits and costs is explained in a transparent way. There are no hidden costs involved. If you want to look for other types of insurance such as Dental, Vision or Life, you will find them, here, on them on the TrueCoverage website. You may often find better value by considering the whole picture.

 We are here to help: Contact our highly rated customer support team at 1-888-505-1815. Yes, it is free to use our website, all the educational resources, customer support and get quotes.