Blue Cross Blue Shield Kansas

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas is sister concern of Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (BCBSA). BCBSA are licensed insurance companies, who are traditionally independent of each other. They offer health insurance plans in restricted region- defined either under one of the two brands or from both. Blue Cross Blue Shield provide insurance of one kind or the other in all the states of U.S.A. They provide Medicare facilities as well in various states of the U.S of A. Under Medicare, they provide coverage to both state and the federal government staffs under the option Federal Employees Health Benefits Plan, nationwide.

Current Status of Blue Cross Blue Shield Of Kansas

For about 75 years now, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas has been the health industry partner trusted by one and all. As it has the backing from national BCBSA and has gathered enormous experience over the last 70 to 75 years, this company truly works as a leader to Kansas City.

The firm is currently serving 32 counties of the Kansas City and its adjoining areas. The motto of BCBS Kansas is to include many more counties and serve every individual within these regions. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas strongly feels that they can contribute to the health of Kansas citizen and create a healthier tomorrow for them.

Blue Cross Kansas at its innovative best

At Blue Cross Blue Shield Kansas, everyone is pushing their limits to provide extraordinary results. The motto is to improve the healthcare industry and identifying best solutions to newer challenges this industry poses. As an organization, our customer service is impeccable and we are changing our entire landscape in the healthcare industry.

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Basic Plan Structure for individual and family through BCBS of Kansas

Deductibles per every group per year
Platinum $500 individual $1500 family of three or more
Gold $1,000 individual $3,000 family of three or more
Silver$2,000 individual $6,000 family of three or more
Coinsurance 20% after meeting deductibles
Maximum out-of-pocket $6,350 individual $12,700 two or more people

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