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How many times have you stopped midway while filling your health insurance documents? Or have postponed buying coverage because you don’t have the time to understand the health care law? Firstly, if you’re confused about Obamacare, you’re not alone. Several surveys show that millions of Americans are still getting used to the provisions in the law. We have created a quick guide to help you understand what Obamacare brings with it, what it truly offers you, and how it benefits you and your family.

The first step is to understand what Obamacare means for you. When you are clear about the policy and benefits it has to offer, you can easily go to the next stage- identifying which plan will work best. For instance, Under Obamacare, health insurers are required to provide you with a “summary of benefits and coverage” of what’s included in your plan. Insurers will also need to offer a standard glossary that defines some commonly misunderstood health insurance terms, like “co-pay” and “deductible”. This gives you the confidence to compare different plans, and decide which insurance option is best for you.

Our sincere effort is to give you a quick, clear overview of Affordable Care Act Insurance Coverage Basics:

  • Introduction to Affordable Care Act
  • Which precise plan will work for you
  • What are the costs associated with each plan
  • Do you qualify for a subsidy
  • Free Enrollment checklist

There are still plenty of questions and misperceptions about Obamacare, which is where our free guide comes in. We hope it will make the decision-making and enrollment process easier for you once open enrollment begins.

So, what are you waiting for? Go, grab this detailed PDF and worry no more about knowing health insurance basics.

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