Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance

Dentistry is not expensive, neglect is.

A part of what you spend on your dental care will be provided by your dental insurance company. You can have different types of dental insurances- family, group, or individual dental care plans. If you thought your general health insurance company will cover your entire body, you need to do some more research. Treatment of your teeth and gums is one completely different department of medicine, evident from exclusive department of learning dedicated for the service domain.

Worrying about the extra premiums in dental insurance? There is no need, as the dental offices keep a fee schedule, where the cost of all the dental services is offered by the college/hospital/dispensary/clinic. Scheduling any dental service is done to familiarize a triangular conversation between the insurance agency, dentistry service and the customer(s).

Affordable Dental Insurance Coverage:

The dental coverage can be broadly divided into three main overage categories:

  1. Indemnity plan – For those who are not interested a dental network and wish to stick to your personal dentist. However, the good part is- payments towards your doctor will be partly taken care of by your insurance company.
  2. Dental Health Maintenance Organization (DHMO) – Here the dentist falls under the network of a company’s insurance policy customers take. The company acts as an In-Network provider and bears the cost of medical procedure while providing its customer services at reduced cost.
  3. Participating provider network (PPO) – The function of PPO is quite similar to DHMO in using In-network mode of health insurance. The only difference lies in certain specific plans customer gets to choose in PPO. Here your insurance agency can be Non-Participating or Out-of-Network provider.

TrueCoverage Advantage:

  • Enjoy huge reduced cost with yearly one-time payment
  • 1000+ dentists under network coverage
  • Quality care at highly reduced costs
  • No annual limits
  • Zero paperwork


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