Final Expense


Final Expense Insurance is an insurance plan that will cover the cost incurred for your funeral. Apart from the funeral it also covers additional final expenses like medical bills, legal fees, credit card payment or other debts.

Plan for your final needs today

The loss of a loved one is always a difficult time for family and friends. Let us help you support them by taking care of your final expenses. A little bit of planning and investment today can help build up savings for your family at the time of bereavement.

There are a variety of funeral insurance policies available that are quite different from each other. We have done all the homework for you to lead you through the process, step-by-step, and help you make the right choice. So get ready to save money and most importantly have the peace of mind you truly deserve.

Did you know the numbers?

Here are some quick facts about funeral expenses that will help you understand why you need an insurance policy:

$7,000 – $10,000 is the average North American traditional funeral cost

28.6% increase in the median cost of a Funeral with viewing and burial between 2004-2014

$6,078 is the median cost of a funeral with viewing and cremation

19,322 is the number of Funeral homes in U.S. 86% of them are privately owned.

Source: National Funeral Directors Association reports, 2014-2017


There are many specialized final expense insurance policies available today. They may be sold by various names such as funeral insurance, burial insurance or final expense insurance.

The different types of final expense insurance policies include:

  • Guaranteed issue: These are life insurance policies that are guaranteed to be issued. You cannot be declined or turned down regardless of your health or pre-existing conditions. They however offers low death benefit options and charge higher than average premiums.
  • Medically Underwritten Policy: In this case you have to undergo the evaluation process of the insurance company and coverage can be denied on the grounds of health/lifestyle conditions, pre-existing conditions and other medical history.
  • Preneed Funeral Insurance: The policy is purchased from the funeral home of choice, which is then made the beneficiary of the policy to conduct the funeral. Loved ones can request for customizations but the beneficiary will only cover for the expenses originally agreed upon.
  • Final Expense Insurance: This must be directly purchased from the insurance provider and can be used for additional expense other than funeral, like credit card bills, medical payments etc. The purchaser can name anyone as the beneficiary.



  1. Who should consider buying a Final Expense policy?It totally depends on your financial situation and whether your family can afford the expenses incurred by a funeral. Factor in these situations while considering to buy a final expense policy:
    • You have no life insurance coverage
    • You have no other means of paying for a funeral
    • You have limited savings
    • You want a separate policy to cover your funeral
  2. What is the difference between Final Expense insurance and Life Insurance?While final expense insurance is specifically used to cover the expenses of a funeral, Life insurance partially replaces the income lost due to your death. You might want both as final expense insurance is considered as supplemental coverage so that your life insurance coverage is not depleted and helps your family in the long run. Life insurance policies are generally purchased for larger coverage amounts than the $25,000 to $40,000 limits for funeral insurance.
  3. Are Final Expense Insurance plans expensive?It is a good idea to research various policies and understand the cost factor and what they cover. The cost can depend on a lot of factors like your medical exam, your age and other underwriting clauses. There are policies available for as low as $5 per month to as high as $1000 per month. TrueCoverage helps you do all the comparison shopping and choose the most affordable policy that suits your individual needs.
  4. When is the right time to buy Final Expense Insurance?
    There is no ideal time to buy final expense insurance but many people consider these policies when they are reviewing life insurance options and taking care of retirement planning tasks.
  5. Where can you buy affordable Final Expense Insurance plans from?
    TrueCoverage offers affordable plans from leading final expense insurance companies. Shop, compare and get a free quote or enroll in a plan today.

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