As we recently reported to you on the TrueCoverage blog, health insurers were recently required by the current administration to cover the cost of several COVID-19 home testing kits per month. Surprisingly, this U.S. government requirement of health insurers did not include the government-sponsored health insurance program for seniors, Medicare.

The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is currently working to change that oversight. In the meantime, laboratory testing for COVID-19 remains at no cost to Medicare patients when ordered by a medical professional. Between regular Medicare and Medicare Advantage, this leaves more than 60 million senior citizens desperately needing this access to reimbursement of at-home test kits.

Seniors, however, are currently eligible to sign up for the four free home COVID-19 tests, presently being distributed via, a simple government website, where they can quickly be mailed four FREE home COVID-19 tests to their home address. The website claims that orders are shipping in seven to twelve days.

CMS is working to establish a process that will allow seniors to receive free at-home test kits over the counter at participating pharmacies and other selected retailers. Similar to the health insurance requirements, Medicare patients will be allowed up to eight free test kits per month.

The CMS has reported this program should begin for Medicare patients in early Spring 2022.

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