As of mid-July, more than 2 million Americans have signed up for health insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act’s special enrollment period that the Biden administration put into place because of COVID-19.

Illinois operates a partnership exchange with the federal government. Get Covered Illinois is run by the state and includes a website, in-person assistance, and a help desk. The federal government provides the IT platform – – that Illinois residents use to enroll in coverage or make changes to their plan.

Because of the COVID pandemic and the American Rescue Plan, there is a one-time enrollment window that runs through August 15, 2021. Enrollment periods for people who purchase their own health care coverage in the individual/family market are typically 45 days during the fall or occur if and individual experiences a qualifying event, A qualifying event is not necessary during the current window, and coverage will take effect the first of the month following enrollment.

Under the Illinois mandate, women can apply and receive fertility coverage through the ACA plan. There are numerous policies available through the Illinois Healthcare Exchanges that have coverage for infertility, including in vitro fertilization. This is a rare opportunity for individuals to enroll while the extension lasts through August 15, 2021. Otherwise, enrollment is not until November 1-December 15, 2021 for 2022 coverage. It is also helpful as patients plan their treatment schedule and financing opportunities for IVF.

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