It has long been clear that some groups in American society are at a disadvantage with healthcare. For these groups finding affordable health insurance that is feature-rich and useful has been a challenge.  Since the beginning, cheap Health Care for African Americans has been elusive.

We will look first at the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on minority communities in the USA and second, what we can do to protect ourselves and our families.

The Coronavirus pandemic again points a spotlight on the effects of infectious diseases on the populations. Initially, data were not categorized by race and ethnicity regarding infections, hospitalizations, and mortality rates.

Now, the data shows that black Americans have higher rates of hospitalization, infection, and mortality.

What are the causes?’ and ‘What Can we do?’

COVID-19 is not politically or ethnically motivated. It is no more conscious than weeds sprouting in fertile soil. Finding affordable health insurance solutions is vital to the prevention and treatment of this novel virus.

Prevention is the place to start. Whatever your view of masks, the virus is airborne, and wearing a proper mask improves your safety. So does avoiding close contact with infected people.

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It is equally clear that underlying conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension amplify the effect of COVID-19, resulting in higher death rates.

The evidence also indicates that the elderly are far more easily infected and less able to resist complications.

Why do these three factors have such a significant effect on minority groups?

  1. Non-Hispanic black and Hispanic Americans are more likely to end up in occupations that we have newly deemed essential’ (Professor Tiffany Green in an interview with Medical News Today).

These essential occupations, such as retail (grocery), packaging plants, healthcare workers (care homes), and others involve either working in groups or direct contact with the public. 

Result:  Higher than average exposure to and a greater need for protection from infection.

  • Historically African Americans are more likely to suffer from obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and end-stage renal disease.

Result: More likelihood of a pre-existing, chronic (underlying) medical condition

  • Either from custom or for financial reasons, ethnic minorities tend to live in close-knit multi-generational groups.

Result: Elderly citizens increase their risk of infection when in close contact with a younger, socially active family.

Did Obamacare bring affordable health Insurance to minority communities?

Since the introduction of the Affordable Care Act, the proportion of African Americans with health insurance, privately or through Medicare, has increased.  But there remain over 4 million African American citizens without coverage and about 14 million with inadequate coverage

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Does Obamacare still exist?

At the resistance of 13 states, the benefits of the Affordable Care Act are still available.  They come in three forms.

  1. Tax relief on insurance premiums and an upper limit on your ‘out-of-pocket’ payments
  2. State/Federal subsidies on the cost of prescription drugs/medications
  3. FREE essential health benefits (10) (SIDEBAR)

In times of uncertainty, health insurance brings peace of mind and will lower your stress levels when you get health coverage for you and your family. During this pandemic, having affordable health insurance helps avoid the worst consequences and the financial implications if you get sick.  Proper health insurance for minorities is available through the private insurance marketplace.

Subsidies, like premium tax relief, can lower your health coverage to almost ‘FREE.’  Understanding the discounts you deserve is important, so take a minute to check our subsidy calculator to see the amount you could receive from the ACA. Armed with this information, you can find insurance on the Healthcare marketplace or contact a qualified, independent insurance broker.

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