For most individuals the first point of contact should be a health insurance exchange, Federal, State or Private.  Any of them will help you to navigate the choices in arriving at the best health plan for you from the top health insurance companies.  Generally speaking, the private Health Insurance Exchanges will offer a wider and more flexible range of options.  Exchanges make no charge for their services.

They will base their advice on the information you give them, so prepare yourself!

  • Do you rarely need to go to the Doctor?
  • Have no chronic (long term) conditions?
  • Have little or no need for prescriptive drugs?

Perhaps your best option is a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP). Read about different between HDHP & catastrophic health insurance plan

What does that mean to me?

Generally, a low monthly premium that secures your TEN (ACA) Essential Benefits BUT you will have greater exposure to out of pocket expenses (the services and treatments you have to pay for yourself).

With an HDHP you may also qualify for a HEALTH SAVINGS ACCOUNT.  Put simply, this allows you to set aside the savings you make from paying a lower monthly premium to use in the future (for health and medical services).

An HDHP approach may be right for you but,

Your circumstances are unique, discuss them with a Health Insurance Exchange.

BUT, the lowest premium may not be best for you. It is important to choose a plan (and the deductible) that is right for you and your dependents.

You need to consider co-pays, co-insurance, your past and anticipated needs.

You can rely on your Exchange for unbiased guidance.


Make the most of your time. Start now, contact your exchange.


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