When is Medicare Open Enrollment for 2020?

This year Medicare open enrollment will run from October 15, 2019, to December 7, 2019, for 2020 coverage.

The annual enrollment period (AEP) is an opportunity for you to make changes to Medicare insurance coverage. Change from one Medicare plan to the other, for instance from Original Medicare to a Medicare Advantage plan. Learn more about all Medicare plans Medicare work.

Enrolling for the first time?

The key date is YOUR 65th birthday.  Whether you are planning to retire then or later you should consider your health insurance options now.

You must enroll in the period three months before your birth month and three months after your birth month-a 7-month window.  There may be penalties if you do not enroll within that period.   Begin your research early.

Check your status with your exchange and make sure that your overall health coverage matches your changed circumstances.

Under 65, but eligible owing to a disability?

You should research now, and apply immediately you qualify.

Contact your exchange or current insurer. Make sure that any existing policies reflect your changed circumstances.

Don’t be afraid to use the market (the exchanges) to secure coverage which matches your needs with affordability.

To qualify for premium tax relief, you must ensure through an exchange, State or Private.

You do not have sign-up for Medicare each year.  Your coverage is automatically renewed (subject to all due premiums having been paid being paid).

BUT if for some reason you did not or cannot enroll on within the specified periods, or you want to add (or withdraw from) an Advantage Plan (C) or Prescription Drugs Plan (D) there are opportunities for: –

Annual Enrollment Period

Medicare plan A and plan B

1st November- 15th December

Medicare Advantage Plan and Medicare Prescription Drugs Plan

15th October- 7th December

Medicare Advantage

1st January- 31st March

Do not miss the opportunity to review your options. Have things changed in the last year? Do you anticipate changes this coming year?

Changes to your health insurance coverage are restricted to these periods but…

In certain circumstances, you can change your coverage or enroll at any time of year if your situation has materially changed. The Special Enrollment Periods (SEP) vary for each category and you should consult your Health Exchange or Medicare.gov for full details.

In general, the categories are: –

  • CHANGE OF LOCATION-which affects the services for which you are covered
  • CHANGE OF EMPLOYMENT- you may be losing or gaining employer or union coverage
  • CHANGE OF CARE STATUS-you may have moved into or out of long-term hospital care or skilled nursing facility enrolled in a ‘PACE’ plan
  • CHANGE OF PLAN STATUS- for reasons beyond your control your plan or insurer no longer meets the statutory Medicare requirements
  • CHANGE OF SUPPORT PROGRAM- there is a ‘special needs’ program (SNP) which is more appropriate to your circumstances


You have the right to re-enroll (change your plan)

  • If your choice of the plan was based on an error by a federal employee
  • If you were not properly advised concerning Medical drug coverage (creditable coverage)

For more information visit Medicare.gov or talk to our licensed insurance agent.

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