This Open Enrollment for 2017, there is yet again good news. People with substance abuse will be covered under all the non-grandfathered plans. Of course, not just substance abuse, but also for mental health where counseling and psychotherapy are also included. In case you are troubled with issues of substance abuse within your family, you should first find out if the patient is ready to take medical assistance.

Inpatient cure is covered in ACA

Ever since ACA has been implemented, substance abuse has also been included under your healthcare coverage. With ACA, inpatient addiction cure gets covered, depending upon how much cost sharing of the treatment should happen. Depending upon the plan you have taken, and how much out-of-pocket cost exists on the plan, your care for substance abuse will be funded by your health insurance agency.

Out-network is also covered depending the plan (HMO or PPO)

In case you are looking for treatment outside-network, you may need to check with your insurer as to which networks are included, what amount are these allowed networks offering, and what kind of cost sharing would be done by the network. The most important thing that the Obamacare offered was the treatments would be at par with the services required by the patient under substance abuse.

Conditions for parity protection in mental condition check ups

Those plans that are non-exempt, they have maintained a balance in providing service between mental conditions and different substance abuse. The plans should include different medical and surgical advantages for those suffering. Parity protection, of course, has different types of limits:

  • The number of days or how many visits will remain under the coverage of ACA.
  • You can get a reference from your PCP or even a specialist depending upon the plan you choose.
  • All your healthcare costs will be shared just like other common diseases, where you share copayments, deductibles, out-of-pocket limits, and coinsurance.

This will outwardly look less attractive, mainly because it is providing all kinds of facilities. However, with all types of facilities provided, Obamacare is trying to support substance abuse victims with monetary assistance. This facility was earlier not there as, mental health and substance abuses were not considered a part of health insurance provision.

So, whether you are enrolling yourself this Open Enrollment 2017, having preconditions of substance abuse, you are safe. All that we wait to see is how the newly elected President will take this health insurance policy forward. If the government keeps Obamacare as it is, many families will be able to get their members who are substance abuse patients proper care at affordable rates.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon from Pexels