Misinformed people throughout the country continue to latch on to misbeliefs, nonsense, and outlandish tales instead of protecting themselves and the rest of the Nation.

COVID-19 vaccine myths seem to have real staying power, and this has severe consequences for public safety.   There is a dangerous strain of anti-science rhetoric growing online.  And it’s not just social media that propagates misinformation. Top sources of incorrect information on vaccines are cable tv, network and local tv news, and friends and family.

Do I have COVID or Seasonal Allergies?

There are VERY SERIOUS consequences to Misinformation

The COVID-19 “Delta Variant” could be the real winner.  As people stop wearing masks in public, this new strain, which is much more transmissible, will spread quickly.  Unvaccinated people will catch and spread it faster than the original COVID-19-19.  And the worst-case in this scenario is another wave of sickness and fatalities.

Vaccine hesitancy-What is it and Why?

  • One of the big COVIS-19 Vaccine myths is that the vaccines themselves cause COVID-19. 36% of unvaccinated adults either believe this or are not sure, and 41% of unvaccinated Blacks do.
  • Another myth is that vaccines cause infertility. 29% of unvaccinated adults believe that or don’t know, as do 31% of Republicans. 34% of Republicans also say the vaccines contain fetal cells or are not sure if they do.
  • About the same shares of unvaccinated adults believe the vaccines change your DNA and that you should not get vaccinated if you have had COVID-19.
  • 67% of unvaccinated adults cling to one of the biggest myths about vaccines 
  • A misconception among unvaccinated Latinos is that getting vaccinated will cost them money, with 52% believing it will. Practical obstacles to vaccination such as this or worries they will not get time off from work to get their shots or deal with side effects weigh heavily on unvaccinated Latinos, many of whom want to get vaccinated.

Family Doctors, medical professionals, Pharmacists, Pediatricians. etc., all play a part in communicating the importance of COVID-19 vaccinations and safety.   If you have questions, turn to trustworthy professionals with medical degrees and training for your information.

The American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), signed into law in March 2021, vastly improved the affordable health insurance options of the ACA / Affordable Care Act Marketplace.  It also made it possible for more than 8 million more people to get premium tax credits that make health insurance coverage affordable.

ARPA also provided the funding of COVID-19 resources for Americans in every state.

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