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Need Subsidy from Health Insurance Marketplace? Find out your eligibility!

Your state’s health insurance marketplace provides you with a subsidy calculator. This tool is specially designed to calculate your eligibility (if you qualify) for a subsidy within your plan. It will provide you with some estimates of your premiums and subsidies for the coverage you choose from among the different health insurance plans.

All you need to do is- enter your income range (individual and/or family), age, size of your family and the tool it estimates the eligible subsidies. A subsidy calculator gives you a fair idea of how much you may save from your health insurance plans. Use a subsidy calculator and you may also estimate if you are eligible for Medicaid.

Please be informed that your subsidies vary by state. For further queries on enrollment, you need to contact your Medicaid consulting officer or the Exchange. Using the subsidy calculator tool is fairly easy. All you need to do is:

  • Enter gross income
  • Your area code
  • Age
  • Size of your household

TrueCoverage’s subsidy calculator tool will tell you if you are eligible for subsidies. In case of eligibility, it gives a further break-up of the subsidy, and an estimated tax penalty in case you do not enroll in a health insurance plan.

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