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TrueCoverage is your One-Stop-Insurance-Shop. More than 600 trusted insurance companies have partnered with us to provide 50,000+ affordable health insurance, Medicare Supplements, and ancillary insurance solutions.

We’re dedicated to helping you find the BEST health insurance, life insurance, and supplemental insurance like vision, dental, accidental death, disability, critical illness insurance, and much more. Our one-stop-shop makes it easy to compare multiple insurance quotes online from your home.

The TrueCoverage team provides personal service, backed by our advanced technology, to quickly find you the BEST insurance solutions. We even take the time to ensure that you receive every cost-sharing reduction, premium tax credit, and health insurance subsidy available. Buy health insurance for you, your family, or your business today with TrueCoverage!

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Things. Have. Changed.

EVERYTHING you knew about the Affordable Care Act is New

The Affordable Care Act is Upgraded and Improved to Cover more Americans with Better Health and Medical Services.

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Trillion Dollar


The Biden administration has implemented the 1.9 Trillion dollar stimulus package.  A significant portion of the American Rescue Plan Act greatly improves the Affordable Care Act.  More People now Qualify, and the Benefits are Better.

Our Full Range of Insurance Solutions

We’re American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 / Bidencare Specialists.  Illness and accidents mean treatment, care, medication, and expenses. Affordable health coverage for your family provides you with the peace of mind to confidently face these challenges. Good insurance also means financial protection.

TrueCoverage provides a broad range of ACA-Certified Health insurance plans (Biden Care / Obamacare), from the very best insurance companies, delivering the selection and price ranges ideal for every budget.

With your savings, you can probably add Dental and Vision insurance too! Talk with our insurance experts today!

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Great News! At age 65, Medicare is automatically available to most Americans.  But there are loopholes that could quickly cause you trouble.

At TrueCoverage, we provide Medicare Solutions like: Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement plans that plug those loopholes, AND save you money. Medicare Advantage plans through TrueCoverage can include prescription drug coverage (Medicare Part D), routine dental, and vision care.

We also provide Medicare Part C options, Medicare Supplements, like Medigap, that fill the ‘gaps’ not covered by Medicare. Medigap covers your co-pays and deductibles.

The licensed Agents at TrueCoverage are insurance experts and will make sense of all this for you.

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Your workforce is your most valuable asset. Employer health insurance programs are tax-efficient ways for business owners to demonstrate their commitment to their staff and to keeping your business running smoothly.

Group health insurance through TrueCoverage provides the same benefits as individual and family plans, but at lower costs and generally with no medical examinations.

Talk to one of our group insurance experts today.

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If you’re changing employment, there might be a short period where your health insurance lapses between the time you leave one employer and start with the next.

Short-term healthcare plans solve this problem and are often a lower-cost option to COBRA.

If you think you might need short-term (these are renewable also) insurance, talk to a TrueCoverage insurance specialist today!

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Supplemental insurance policies (ancillary insurance) protect your finances should you experience severe health problems with extended hospital stays, or cancer, a heart attack, stroke, disability, or other critical illness.

Hospital Indemnity, Accidental Expense, Critical Illness, Disability, Cancer, and Heart/Stroke Insurance; these low-cost add-ons cover your out-of-pocket expenses far better than your base health coverage.

Speak with a TrueCoverage insurance expert to customize a package of insurance options that protect you and your family.

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Life insurance guards against the future; If something should happen to you, these plans ensure that your family is secure in their lifestyle and help them move forward.

TrueCoverage provides whole life, term life insurance, and final expense insurance from the top insurers. And we’ll help you select the BEST life insurance to meet your needs. Buy life insurance at a price you can afford with TrueCoverage!

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Personal Service + Advanced Technology + Amazing Selection =

the Best Health Insurance and More.


Unbiased Insurance Recommendations

TrueCoverage is neither owned, nor operated, by an insurance company. As a Certified Direct Enrollment Partner of the marketplace, we are a true insurance leader, acting independently to offer the broadest range of health insurance plans to meet your needs. Think of us as the “Amazon” of insurance. 

Our service and advice are FREE for the lifetime of your plan, regardless of which insurer you choose.

At TrueCoverage, we’re dedicated to serving you. It’s our #1 Priority, and we’re happy to help every day!

Reliable Advice & Ongoing Support = A Better Value for You.


Working for You, 24/7

We’ve developed an advanced technology that delivers all the information you need. But even the best software can’t answer every question. Sometimes it’s just easier to talk with someone. So, pick up the phone and talk with us!

We’ll work hard to find you the best insurance, whatever your needs may be.  We search for FREE health insurance and cheap health insurance options, then help you understand how to manage your health insurance deductible. TrueCoverage even researches every insurance subsidy and premium tax credit possible for you.

Rely on TrueCoverage to properly handle your Bronze to Silver tier health plan upgrades!

Knowledge and Dedication to our Clients = A Better Value for You.


ACA, SEP, and Open Enrollment Specialists

We started our business by being the BEST at matching ACA Health Insurance plans to YOUR needs.  Then, we expanded into Medicare and Supplemental Insurance.  We understand the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 and will get you the best health coverage possible.

The ancillary insurance plans we provide either EXTEND the coverage of your existing health insurance or ADD services not mandated by the ACA to your current policy.

Our insurance experts will recommend the right Hospital Indemnity, Accidental Expense, Critical Illness, Disability, Cancer and Heart/Stroke Insurance plans, and Final Expense plans that are right for you.

Our #1 Priority is you. And we’re happy to help every day!

What’s Great about TrueCoverage? = We Get the BEST for You!


Knowledge and Great Advice

Health insurance is the foundation of your medical coverage. But did you know you can improve this with Supplemental Insurance add-ons? Popular examples are Dental Insurance and Vision Insurance.

You can extend your health coverage with Ancillary Health Insurance to improve your plan with financial protections.  For example: when your health coverage won’t cover the expenses for an extended in-patient hospital stay, a hospital indemnity insurance plan will pay for additional nights, and may even cover loss of income!

Other options include Accidental Expense insurance, Critical Illness Insurance, Disability Insurance, Cancer and Heart/Stroke Insurance, Life insurance, Accidental Death and Dismemberment, etc.

Knowledge and Dedication to our Clients = A Better Value for You.


Largest Selection of ACA Health Insurance Plans

50,000+ plans from 600+ major health insurance carriers AND specialty insurance companies. As we progress toward becoming the best marketplace insurance provider, TrueCoverage offers the largest selection possible, each with service and reliability you can trust.

Our unique technology lets us represent a broader range of ACA healthcare plans than or your State Insurance Exchange. ALL plans are 100% certified ACA-compliant featuring ALL the requirements and mandates.

We’ve reviewed all the Biden Care / Affordable Care Act programs in every State and can recommend plans that fit YOU needs and budget.

Better technology = A Better Value for You.


One-Stop-Insurance-Shop: Health Insurance & more!

We take the time to understand your needs. Our custom insurance analysis software helps us find you the BEST health coverage from 600+ insurance companies. That’s more than, or any State Exchange.

We understand the Biden Care / Obamacare premium subsidies.  Our insurance experts apply every cost savings reduction like your insurance subsidy, and premium tax credit, to ensure that you pay the lowest rates for health insurance.

And finally, we review your needs for dental, vision, and supplemental insurance that could save you thousands of dollars every year.

Professional Courtesy = A Better Value for You.


Free Health Insurance Quotes and Enrollment

The TrueCoverage custom software brings personalized accuracy to online Insurance quotes and enrollment. Our online tools make it easy to get quotes and compare plans from 600+ health, life, and supplemental insurance companies.

We research every premium tax credit, cost-sharing reduction, and insurance subsidy possible. Our job is to find you great insurance at the lowest rates.

Advanced Technology = A Better Value for You.


Customized Ancillary Insurance & Medicare Packages

TrueCoverage insurance experts focus on your needs.  We take the time to understand your circumstances, your expectations, and then research policies from 600+ top insurance companies to find the BEST and most cost-effective coverage.

Your TrueCoverage insurance experts can add ancillary insurance too!  You can further protect your family by adding Vision and Dental insurance with the money you save!

Over 600 trusted Health Insurance Carriers

united healthcare

Insurance Experts Available 24×7

TrueCoverage is a leading health insurance marketplace helping people in all 50 states find affordable health insurance

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I really appreciate the awesome service for my PCP, Endocrinologist, Pharmacy, and OBYGN providers. You are the best!
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Elite Plus Circle of Champions

TrueCoverage, LLC Recognized as one of the Highest Performing Companies in the Healthcare Marketplace

Dallas, Texas — TrueCoverage, LLC has received national recognition within the 2021 Marketplace Circle of Champions program—becoming an Elite Plus member—as one of the highest performing companies in the Health Insurance Marketplace.

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Your health and well-being are our priority. Learn more about COVID-19, how to assess your risk, protect yourself, and get care.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase health insurance on my own?

Yes, but you will have hundreds of plans to choose from! As true insurance leaders, TrueCoverage provides unbiased, FREE advice! Our advisors are happy to recommend affordable plans more likely to match your needs. Remember, our consultation is FREE and impartial!

What is the cheapest health insurance?

That is not always an easy question to answer.  The lowest monthly payment (your Premium) is rarely the best option.  The expenses of various medical services, deductibles, copays, and other fees often cancel out any monthly savings.

Typically, the lowest price monthly Premium is “cheapest,” only if you never need medical attention.  Even a slightly higher monthly premium may save you $ thousands. 


Who are the top 5 health insurance companies?

Each state has a different list of top health insurance companies.  Some insurers operate only in a few States, while others may offer plans only in select counties within the State.

Click here to find the Top 5 insurance companies in your State!

To find the best health plans available, contact us.

TrueCoverage’s experienced insurance advisors are ready to help.

Can I get a health insurance quote without giving personal information?

Of course. You can even enroll Online!

Enter your Zip Code, Age, Dependents, and Tobacco usage. TrueCoverage instantly provides a list of insurance plans. 

If you take a few more minutes to provide additional details, TrueCoverage can often find better options and save you even more money.

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