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(36° 31′ N to 39° 37’ N and 75° 13′ W to 83° 37′ W)- The 45th President elect has brought in a feeling of deep worry among the Americans. The affordable health insurance or ACA that Obama selected, trying to provide insurance to every US citizen, may just be replaced. While Vermont and other states may not see a big replacement in their healthcare conditions for couple of years now, it may affect the overall healthcare scenario in the state.

A huge appeal has been made from the voter’s end that healthcare should be made affordable, while republicans feel that ACA should be dismantled and focus to be laid on lowering the healthcare cost. Although ACA has not been able to make a cent percent insurance of the American citizens, stopping it may cause a crash down of the entire American healthcare system. Health insurance Vermont can be better understood once you look at the demographics of the place.

Like any other state, health concerns are in abundance. However, the means used for filing Vermont health insurance premiums are solely under the propriety of Department of Insurance in the state. Hence, irrespective of where you buy the health insurance in Vermont from- local agent, online, or a private health insurance company directly, the premium would remain same (depending upon the plan you choose).

According to the candidates running for Lt. Governor position, the health insurance marketplace in Vermont is not as evolved as most of the other developed states in the USA. Whether repealing ACA, as was suggested by President Donald Trump is a thing they are waiting to find out. For understanding which health plans in Vermont will work best, we first need to wait and see how Medicare extensions are reshaped by the current republic party representative, President Donald Trump.

Talking about the overall health of Vermont, it shares the no. 1 position with Minnesota. This rating was given by the State Health System Performance scorecard of the Commonwealth Funds. It earned the best points in prevention, treatment, access, and equity. The percentage of uninsured for health insurance in Vermont is the second-least. Only a count of 7,780 more people taking affordable health insurance in Vermont will make it the least uninsured states in the U.S. This is the count for adults, while the children health insurance plan (CHIP) also worked well.

SCHIP had made the children health insurance plan for Vermont score 1st rank. It recorded the highest nationwide numbers of medical home and highest percentage in dental preventive care check ups. The state also had the lowest amount of pediatric asthma cases of illness.

The role of ACA in making Vermont health insurance plans the best sold in America. Only 6.8% of the Vermonters were uninsured, more than 37% were eligible for Medicaid extensions. The Vermont health insurance marketplace had signed almost 85% percent of the private enrollees within the first Open Enrollment end.

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Statistics of Health Insurance- Vermont State

Total population: 626,562

Health Insurance Coverage of Vermont

  • Employer: 52%
  • Non-Group: 7%
  • Medicaid:  21%
  • Medicare:  13%
  • Other Public: 2%
  • Uninsured: 6%

(Source: Kaiser Family Foundation Survey, 2014)

Population percentage of Vermonters Uninsured by Age, 2013-2014

  • Children 0-18: N/A
  • Adults 19-64: -21%
  • Total: –27%

Exchange Enrollees offered Financial Assistance as a Share of the ‘Subsidy-Eligible Population’ as of June 30, 2015

  • Total Receiving Financial Assistance: 19,575
  • Estimated Numbers Eligible for subsidies in Health Insurance finances: 185,000
  • Potential Subsidy-Eligible population enrolled: 79%

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