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Virginia (37°30’N and 77°19’W) – affordable health insurance in Virginia will be seriously effected if Trump’s proposal replaces ACA. This will cause tax reduction for those paying health insurance out of their own pockets. This is a great advantage for those who pay higher tax rates.

So, ideally even though Virginians are not majorly effected with repealing, common people with low incomes will be effected. If the taxes they pay are not high, then tax deductions have no impact on these low-earning groups. However, a big section of the Virginia population and other less developed states of the USA will remain without coverage.

Estimates reveal that over 20 million Virginians will remain uninsured due to Trump’s repealing ACA. Probably, only 5 million people would buy health insurance in Virginia with deduction, while rest will remain uninsured.

Trump says the replacement policy will be expansion of access to Healthcare Savings Account (HSA). HSA has a mix of tax free saving and also insurance policy with high deductibles value- a total of $2600 for every family.

HSA can be a good alternative with families earning good sum. However, for those with low earning, HSA cannot be a compelling solution. If Trump works towards subsidizing insurance premiums or with providing savings accounts for families having humble earnings, it would mean that the federal government’s cost on health care and state expenditure will rise up sharply. The reason behind ACA not making generous subsidies was only so that less earning people could avail health insurance in Virginia.

The status of Virginia health insurance remains healthy owing to its abundance of wealth and prosperity. VA was the first state possessed by the British Americans. This state is also known as “Mother of Presidents” as 8 of the U.S. Presidents were born here.

The state stands at 24th position in terms of population and requires affordable health insurance in Virginia is mainly required for life-style diseases. A good number of Virginian adults visit the health insurance marketplace to receive coverage for diseases like obesity, cardiac arrests, diabetes, asthma, etc.

Virginia will experience a new Health insurance committee whereby the discussion whether Health Insurance in Virginia should be included under ACA will be discussed. Post the presidential selection of Donald Trump, Virginia too has come under the Presidential scrutiny whether ACA should be repealed or reshaped

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Statistics of Health Insurance- Virginia State
Total population : 8,382,993

Health Insurance Coverage of Virginia

Employer : 53%
Non-Group : 8%
Medicaid : 11%
Medicare : 14%
Other Public : 5%
Uninsured : 9%

(Source: Kaiser Family Foundation Survey, 2014)

Population percentage of Uninsured by Age, 2013-2014

Health Insurance Coverage of Virginia

Children 0-18 : 24%
Adults 19-64 : 8%
Senior citizens 65+ : 14%

Exchange Enrollees offered Financial Assistance as a Share of the ‘Subsidy-Eligible Population’ as of June 30, 2015

  • Total Receiving Financial Assistance: 319,068
  • Estimated Numbers Eligible for subsidies in Health Insurance finances: 540,000
  • Potential Subsidy-Eligible population enrolled: 59%

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