Vision Insurance

Vision Insurance

“Because within the blink of an eye everything can change”       — Ashley Neves

All great men live with a vision. While, the former is a philosophy, vision insurance relates to payment options meant for eye care (both preventative and prescriptive). There are certain vision insurance plans that provide huge discounts on vision correction surgery, such as LASIK. Once you have paid the deductibles and co-payments, you become eligible for huge discounts and unlimited benefits related to eye care.

Just take proper initiative and understand different benefits and costs each plan you consider, contains. Actually better suggestion will be to window shop around a bit, identifying which plans can provide the kinds of benefits, before you have gone for eye examination and buying eye care.

There are three types of vision insurance provided to the citizens of USA. These include:

  1. Indemnity insurance – These are traditional plans in health insurance that gives its policy owners the freedom of selecting their medical providers.
  2. Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) – These are a network of policy providers who provide discount rates to the insurance seekers. Of course, the condition for discounts requires the policyholders to consider opticians within In-Network.
  3. Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) – These providers are much like HMO, only with some extra benefits not provided to the HMOs. Under PPO, policyholders can pay higher premium to receive medical care from Out-of-Network as well.

TrueCoverage Advantage:

Proper eyesight is one of the prime pre-requisites in your life. If you are covered under vision insurance, you can avail the following services without any extra cost

  • Contact lenses and eye glasses buying discounts
  • Discounts for surgeries like PRK and LASIK
  • Regular eye examinations

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