Of course, our first thoughts are ways to save money when moving home.

A new home will probably be the biggest purchase any of us makes, but it is no reason for spending more than necessary on the move itself.

There are two way of minimizing expenses when moving home. 

  1. Eliminate the cost of services you don’t really need
  2. Make sure that you get the best price for services that you decide you do really need.

Moving home is an opportunity. An opportunity to ‘de-clutter’ and leave behind all those things we did not know what to do with and did not know where to put them. We give you some suggestions for realizing some cash from your ‘leave-behinds’.


But before we look at ways to save money and ways to make money let’s just consider stress.  After all, if we can manage the stress, we might even enjoy the ‘move’.

The ‘secret’ is in planning and planning, surprise, surprise, is in making ‘lists’.  Some of us can hold lists in their heads but most of us need paper and pencil.

Don’t worry if it takes several goes. Try to end up with a single list that tells you, WHEN – WHAT – WHY – WHO – HOW?

Well, that is one thing less to stress about! But leave space at the bottom!

How to save money when moving home?

  • When you have decided on your approximate move date approach local, reputable removing companies (3-4) for a broad estimate. Now you have a measure.  Have your friends and family to help you do it yourself?
  • Settle on a date. Professional removers or family and friends, it is one less thing to worry about AND a date to focus on!
  • Now, go through the contents of each room, the garage and the attic (box-room), especially the garage and the box-room list all the items you won’t have use for in your new home. The less you take the more you will save in packing and transport
  • Cut costs on removals boxes. Rent them from your removals contractor. Or better still ask your local supermarket. Do it now, start packing now!  The less there is for the removal team to pack, the more you will save
  • Don’t spend money on plastic bubble wrap. Less plastic is good.  The old newspaper is better!  It’s FREE and RECYCLABLE.  Besides you have all sorts of soft material that you are going to pack anyway – towels, curtains, socks (clothes in general)
  • Start eating out of the freezer.  If you don’t, you will end up throwing away food that won’t survive the move. Anyway, if you are leaving or taking the freezer you will have to empty it.  Then there all those tins at back of the cupboards. Take the opportunity, luxuries or staples, use them up. Don’t use valuable transport space on anything that is replaceable at the other end.



Label everything!  Most importantly, put a label on the door to each room in the new ‘home’. E.g. 1st-floor bedroom 1, garage, front yard.  You can help the removal team to get it right first time!

  • Put a label on the furniture you are taking. The important detail here is the destination room
  • Label every box with the contents and it’s destination. E.g. Kitchen – pans, dining Room – glassware, garage – his stuff!
  • Pack an ‘unpacking’ kit, whatever you need for reassembling KD furniture, spanners, screwdrivers. Scissors, craft knife, cleaning materials and whatever else you may need to lay your hands on. Tea or coffee for you and your team? A chocolate bar?

How to make money when moving home?

Remember, the very first thing we suggested was to look at moving home as an opportunity to ‘de-clutter’.  We did not say throw away.

Far from it!

Plan a garage or yard sale. Suggestion – put the kids on a %age! You’d be surprised by their ingenuity!

Whatever is leftover donate to a charity organization and remember- you may be eligible for a tax-deductible receipt.


Don’t forget that moving homes may mean that you are obliged to review your insurances, house, automobile and not least your healthcare. Take the opportunity of your special enrollment (SEP) to review your healthcare coverage.  You may be able to reduce the cost of coverage or increase the benefits.

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

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