What you need to know for this Special Enrollment Period

The Coronavirus pandemic has cost millions of Americans their health coverage as they lost jobs in the economic fallout. To help counteract the economic damage, the Biden administration has reopened the Health Insurance Marketplace.  This will help millions of uninsured people select affordable health insurance policies under this special enrollment period.  Additionally, those who already have a plan through the Healthcare Exchange may change their coverage.

Dates to Buy Marketplace Health Insurance During the Pandemic Special Enrollment Period: 

February 15th to May 15th, 2021

This is a unique opportunity to purchase health insurance for you and your family.  If you missed the recent Open Enrollment period, this is the perfect time to arrange healthcare. To make getting healthcare easy, we’ve provided a guide to prepare you.

You’re going to be asked a few questions when you apply.  

This information is needed to determine which insurance plans are available to you.  Available insurance plans and rates are based on Geography (Zipcode), Age, Income, and other factors.  Cost-Sharing Reductions can also be calculated using this information, like Insurance Subsidies and Premium Tax credits that lower your rates!

We’ll help you find the VERY BEST HEALTH PLAN from more than 600 top insurance companies.

Here’s Some of the Information You Should Have Ready:

  • The Full names, dates of birth, and Social Security numbers of everyone in your household, plus any dependents you want to insure,
  • Home and mailing addresses for everyone you plan to insure,
  • Income information, including W2s, 1099s, alimony, and child support for everyone you plan to insure,
  • It’ll be helpful to have your most recent tax return handy; It will have most of the information you need
  • If you are covered under a health plan, have that information nearby
  • Whether you, or anyone you plan to insure, has access to coverage through their employer
  • Some basic details about your lifestyle and health, including whether you or those you plan to insure, smoke or vape.

After this special enrollment opens on February 15th, and you have all the information you need to apply for health care coverage, you can get full-service help here, or go to do it yourself at https://www.healthcare.gov/. This is where applying for health insurance often gets daunting for many people.

For DIYers, the application process is easy and straightforward, yet it can be confusing. And some families go through the process second-guessing themselves and wonder — perhaps all year — if they ended up with the right insurance plan for them or if they could have qualified for less expensive options.

You SAVE NO MONEY by doing it yourself and using a State-based exchange.

If you use a Private Marketplace, you’ll also get more options with a wider range of insurance plans.  They also offer more Dental, Vision, and other supplemental insurance options.

The Insurance professionals at TrueCoverage provide guidance, review plans from 600+ insurance companies, and specializes in qualifying you for VERY low-cost or FREE $0 health coverage by providing personal service, backed by our advanced technology, to ensure that you receive every premium tax credit and health insurance subsidy available.

ACA Health insurance market place

Compare Each Plans Details 

The key to finding the best insurance is to compare the available plans carefully. It’s tempting to shop solely based on premium cost, but health insurance is more complicated than that. Here are factors to consider:

  • Which providers can you see? 
    • Are your favourite Doctors and specialists in-network for the plan?
    • Will have to change doctors to make healthcare more affordable next year?
  • What are the deductibles, co-pays, and out-of-pocket maximums? 
  • What company is it through? 
    • This is an often-overlooked consideration, but if you’ve had a poor experience with one insurance company in the past, you might not want to purchase a plan through them again.

2 mistakes that will Cancel your Insurance BEFORE it Starts

  1. Submit your Documentation immediately
  2. Make Your First Payment on Time

Your insurance plan availability and the rate is based on information you provide during enrollment.  Once you’ve enrolled in your health insurance plan, you must provide proof of those details.  

The documentation you will likely Need to Provide:

Proof of identity, citizenship, and age

  • Current driver’s license or photo ID. 
    • If you don’t have a driver’s license, an official photo ID will do for insurance carriers; 
      • ID card from a federal, State, or government agency, 
      • school ID card 
    • Your birth certificate (U.S. or overseas) or proof of adoption records
  • A current passport 
  • Social Security Card (along with Photo ID)
  • Other optional documents, 
    • marriage records, 
    • proof of military service, 
    • official birth records from a hospital or doctor
  • If you’re not a U.S. citizen, show proof of identity and immigration status:
    • I-551 permanent resident card (aka a Green Card)
    • An employment authorization card, either I-688B or I-766

Proof of residence/home address

  • For homeowners: a mortgage bill or property tax statement 
  • For tenants: a rent receipt, apartment lease contract, or signed letter from your landlord
  • A utility bill (gas, electric, cable, telephone (land or cell line), water bill, etc.)
  • A postmarked envelope with your return mailing address on it

Proof of current or future income

  • For wages and salary:
    • Paycheck stubs
    • A signed and dated letter from your employer on company letterhead.
    • A federal or State income tax return
    • Business or payroll records
  • If you’re self-employed:
  • Income tax return, plus a record of earnings (as documented in your 1099 form) or business expenses

Other sources of income:

  • You may need to provide awards letters or payment stubs if you receive Worker’s Comp benefits, veterans benefits, or military pay.
  • A signed letter or receipt of payment for income received from rent or room/board
  • If you receive any income or interest payments, provide your prospective health insurer with earnings statements from your bank, credit union, agent, or broker; 1099 for miscellaneous earnings is also applicable

Attestation of Non-Incarceration Status

  • Each State may have its own form.
  • In addition to the attestation form, Photo ID as listed above will be required. 

Proof they don’t have Medicaid

  • Letter or statement from a Medicaid or CHIP agency that shows you or your family members aren’t enrolled in or eligible for Medicaid or CHIP
  • Letter or statement from a Medicaid agency showing you or a family member are enrolled in a Medicaid program that’s not considered qualifying health coverage*
  • A letter describing your recent health coverage including:
    • The name of the Medicaid/CHIP program you were enrolled in and when your coverage ended, or
    • That you were never enrolled in Medicaid/CHIP coverage, or
    • The name of the Medicaid/CHIP program with limited benefits that you’re enrolled in that would still allow you to enroll in the Marketplace with help paying for coverage

Proof that You DON’T Have Medicare

  • Letter or statement from Medicare or the Social Security Administration stating your Medicare Part A coverage termination date
  • Document from a government agency showing you or your family members are:
  • Only enrolled in Medicare Part B without Part A, or
  • Eligible for, but not currently enrolled in, premium-based Part A

If you cannot provide a copy of these documents, please see below for other approved documents:

  • A letter describing your recent health coverage including:
  • When your Medicare Part A coverage ended,
  • Your Medicare Part B effective date with an explanation of ineligibility for Part A, or
  • When your Medicare disability coverage ended

Please, make your 1st payment on time.

“A top reason for policy cancellation is late-payment / Non-payment of the 1st premium.”

You must make your first payment on time for your insurance policy to go into effect. While some insurance plans might provide a grace period on payments, you should never rely on this for the first month’s premium. 

ACA Health insurance market place

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