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Original Medicare

Medicare is the Government sponsored Health Insurance program for Senior citizens (65+) and for younger people with certain disabilities. The original (basic) coverage is in two parts A & B but you can add security……

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Prescription Drug Coverage

Medicare Part D

Original Medicare (parts A & B) does not include prescription drug benefits, except in certain situations. The costs of prescription drugs can be made more affordable. You can sign up for prescription drug coverage through a separate Medicare prescription drugs plan (part D), or through a Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug plan.

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Maximum Flexibility

Original Medicare Part A provides for basic medical and preventative care. It is generally available without having to pay a monthly premium. Original Part B is compulsory but paid for, as are the optional supplementary services through monthly premiums. In this way individuals can combine security with the choices most appropriate to their circumstances

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Understanding Medicare Part D

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any restriction as to what drugs I can obtain?

Broadly speaking the only restriction is that the drugs are prescribed by a qualified physician though in some instances only the cost of a generic product will be allowed under the scheme.

Is there any difference between the coverage offered by the Medicare Part D and Medicare Advantage plans in respect of drug coverage?

The same rules, as above, apply to both programs. You may find that the Advantage plans more flexible in terms of providers and any deductibles can be spread across a wider range of services.

Can I be forced to leave a plan for any reason?

If the drugs are prescribed and for your own use you cannot be refused renewal of your Plan. It makes sense to make some provision for any anticipated need for prescription drugs. It will be made clear in any contract that the prescription drugs are for your sole use.

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