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Medicare Supplements

Medicare supplemental insurance, sometimes referred to as “MediGap” policies, are designed to fill the ‘gaps’ not covered by Medicare, such as your copays and deductibles. You must have original Medicare Plans A & B, rather than a Medicare Advantage plan, to be eligible to purchase Medicare Supplements.

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When should I pick a plan?

Depending upon your state, eligibility begins for Medicare Supplement enrollment on the first day of the month in which you will turn age 65, but you must enroll in Medicare Part B first. However, in certain states, you can buy a plan on the day you enroll in Medicare Part B, even if you are not 65 years old yet.

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Which Medicare Plan is best?

Choosing the right Medicare supplementals requires careful analysis of your current health situation. TrueCoverage offers licensed health insurance agents who specialize in Medicare insurance to help.

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Understanding Medicare Supplements

Frequently Asked Questions

How can supplements help me?

Within your plan, you can emphasize the aspects of your care that cause you most concern, such as the extended need for prescription drugs (Medicare Part D) or durable medical equipment that might otherwise incur deductibles or copayments.

What isn’t covered by Medicare Supplements?
Medicare supplementals typically don’t cover long-term care (such as nursing homes), dental care, vision coverage, hearing aids, prescription drugs, or private nursing.
Where can I get advice on setting up my Medicare plans?

Health insurance marketplace exchanges, such as TrueCoverage,  offer specialist health insurance consultants. Choosing the right medicare plan can be very complex. We strongly recommend that as you approach age 65 that you discuss your needs with a qualified insurance consultant.

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