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TrueCoverage is a health insurance marketplace portal that helps you find affordable health insurance coverage whether you’re searching for plans for individuals, families or employees.

You can think of TrueCoverage as a one-stop destination for affordable medical insurance. With our help, you can compare and enroll in affordable insurance plans provided by over 600 top carriers in the United States.

Ancillary insurance is also available. You can find plans that cover:

Life insurance
Accidental death
Critical illness
Medicare supplemental insurance

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Choose the right Medical Insurance

Choosing medical insurance can seem daunting, but TrueCoverage tries to make it easier for individuals and businesses.

All you have to do is outline your requirements and our experts search for the best affordable medical insurance plans that meet your needs — it’s that simple. We take our skills, market awareness and technology and combine that with your expectations to come up with a list of plans just for you

At TrueCoverage, we know you have a lot of options when it comes to health insurance plans, and finding the right one is important. Whether you’re an individual searching for a plan for yourself or your family or a business comparing suitable, affordable plans for your employees, making sure that your choice fits your needs is essential.

That’s why TrueCoverage is here: to leverage our expertise and help you discover which plan is best for you.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) helps make health insurance accessible and affordable to most Americans. The intricate rules built into the ACA can be complex and confusing, but the experts at TrueCoverage are dedicated to helping you navigate the ins and outs of the health insurance enrollment process, ensuring that you find a well-tailored plan that you can afford.

And affordability doesn’t just mean lower premiums — our experts will also help you find any applicable tax breaks or subsidies you might qualify for.

You can get started today by comparing all of the health insurance plans that are available in your area.

TrueCoverage will help to find the policy which suits you.

Understanding Affordable Medical Insurance

Metal Tiers

Not all health insurance plans adhere to the metal tier system, but it can help you better understand your expected contributions versus what your insurer pays.

In the chart below, you can see that, in general, when you pay lower premiums, your contribution for services is typically higher. On the other hand, if your monthly premiums are higher, your contribution for services is usually less.

However, it’s not all cut and dried. For some people, a bronze-level plan may make more sense to have instead of a platinum-level plan. It all depends on your individual circumstances, and that’s exactly the sort of thing that TrueCoverage can help you sort out so you can find the plan that’s best for you.

Understanding Affordable Medical Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions About Medical Insurance

Why Do I Need Health Insurance?
You can think of health insurance as a kind of defense against unpredictable events. If you or someone in your family has an emergency or a chronic illness, for example, health insurance helps pay the cost of doctor’s visits, hospital trips, ambulance rides, prescriptions and anything else related to medical expenses.

Having an affordable medical insurance plan also ensures that you can take advantage of preventative and wellness services for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

What is a Deductible?
A deductible is the amount that you pay for covered health care services before your insurance company starts to pay.

For example, if your health insurance plan’s deductible is $1,500, you would be responsible for paying the first $1,500 of covered services on your own, and then, your health insurance covers the rest. Usually after the deductible is surpassed, you’re only responsible for co-pays and coinsurance for covered services.

In general, plans that have higher monthly premiums typically have lower deductibles, and plans with lower monthly premiums have higher deductibles.

What Do the Metal Tiers for Health Insurance Mean?

The metal tiers refer to different levels of health insurance plans and provide a rough indication of how much you can expect to pay for services versus what your insurance pays. At TrueCoverage, we can help you figure out what level plan works best for your circumstances, whether you’re enrolling in a plan for yourself or your family or searching for one for your employees.

What Is a Co-Pay?
A co-pay, which stands for co-payment, is the amount you pay for covered health care services. Whatever is leftover is paid for by your insurance company.

As a simplified example, say the cost of an office visit to see your primary care physician is $200 without insurance. If your co-pay for this office visit is $40, it means your insurance company pays the remaining $160. Co-pays are a fixed dollar amount (as opposed to a percentage) and typically vary by plan.

What Is Coinsurance?
Coinsurance is directly related to your deductible; it’s the percentage of costs you pay after your deductible has been met. Once you pay the percentage you’re responsible for, the health insurance plan you’ve enrolled in pays the rest.

For example, if your plan is classified as 80/20, it means that, once you’ve met your deductible, your plan covers 80% of the costs and you cover 20% — until you reach your maximum out-of-pocket limit.

If your plan is classified as 70/30, which is another common separation, your plan covers 70% of the costs, and you cover 30%.

It should be noted that coinsurance only applies to covered services, so if you receive medical care that’s not included in the covered services under your plan, you may be responsible for paying the entire bill despite having met your deductible.

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Affordable Medical Insurance Criteria

How can you make sure the medical insurance you’re enrolling in is affordable for you or your business? At TrueCoverage, our experts can help you find a plan that fits into your budget.

One way to ensure your health insurance is affordable is to make sure you visit doctors and specialists within your network. When you enroll in a plan with an individual health insurance company, you’ll be given the opportunity to search for a doctor and find hospitals that accept your health insurance plan.

Choosing in-network providers helps make sure you aren’t surprised by steep medical bills for using out-of-network providers.

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Find Affordable Medical Insurance at Truecoverage

If you’d like assistance with finding and enrolling in a plan, reach out to the health plan experts at TrueCoverage for guidance and services. Give us a call at (888) 505-1815 for more information or send us an email at [email protected]

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