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Workers’ Compensation

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What is Workers Comp Insurance?

Workers compensation insurance covers the medical expenses of an employee who is injured in the course of their work or suffers an occupational illness. In addition, compensation may include ‘lost’ wages, rehabilitation costs, and death benefits payable to dependents. These benefits are payable even if the employee is negligent.

Why do I need Workers’ Comp?

Worker’s Comp benefits employees by knowing that they are insured for the outcome of a work-related illness or accident. Their monetary claims are met by the insurers and as the employer (provided that you are compliant with state law), you cannot be sued for their injuries or “lost” wages.


Workers’ Compensation insurance is a legal requirement in nearly every state. Because there are exceptions and variations, it is important to buy the insurance which meets the conditions laid down in each of the states in which you operate. These policies do not cover the employer for claims for punitive damages caused by negligence nor the legal costs associated with such claims.

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Understanding Workers’ Compensation

Frequently Asked Questions

What injuries are not covered by Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

Injuries that occur outside of work are not covered, for example injuries sustained while commuting to and from work. (Injuries sustained while travelling between work locations ARE covered.) Injuries caused intentionally, for example by intoxication or substance abuse, are NOT covered.

What are the penalties for not meeting state requirements for Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

These vary from State to State but may range from fines to imprisonment. Either of these could be disastrous for a small business.

Do Sole Traders, contractors and volunteers need to be covered by Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

Because compensation laws in all these cases vary from State to State, it is important that you take advice from consultants familiar with the states in which you operate. TrueCoverage offers Consultant advice in all 50 states.

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