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Anthem Healthy Reward Program

Your Healthy Steps Can Earn You Rewards

The reward amount will be paid to members who meet the requirements for Anthem’s listed health activities. The reward dollars are added to the member’s Healthy Rewards account on the web portal, where they may be redeemed for gift cards that can be used for store purchases. You must promptly submit your claims so that the claims department can review them and ensure you receive your benefits.

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Your Rewards

Healthy activities Who’s eligible Reward Frequency
Child and Adolescent Wellness Visit M, F, ages 3 to 21 $25 1 per 12 months
Childhood Immunization Status — Combo 10 M, F, ages 0 to 1 (stops at 2nd birthday) $25 1 per member
Immunizations for Adolescents — Combo 2 M, F, ages 11 to 12 (stops at 13th birthday) $25 1 per member
Breast Cancer Screening F, ages 50 to 74 $50 1 per 24 months
Chlamydia Screening F, ages 16 to 24 $25 1 per 12 months
Cervical Cancer Screening F, ages 21 to 64 $50 1 per 36 months
Diabetic A1c Screening M, F, ages 18 to 75 $25 1 per 12 months
High Blood Pressure Medication Refill M, F, ages 18 to 75 $10, max $40 1 per quarter
ADHD Medication Management M, F, ages 6 to 12 $10, max $40 1 per quarter
Antidepressant Medication Management M, F, ages 18 and older $10, max $40 1 per quarter
1st Prenatal Care Visit F, ages 13 to 55 $25 1 per pregnancy
Postpartum Care Visit F, ages 13 to 55 $50 1 per pregnancy
Well-Child Visits in the  First 30 Months of Life M, F, ages 0 to 30 months $10, max $80 6 times in 15 months; 2 times between 15 and 30 months

Incentive eligibility varies by county and members should enroll in the program to see which rewards they can earn.Your Healthy Rewards may only be used at participating retailers like Amazon, DoorDash, Marshall’s, and TJ Maxx in Indiana.

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This page summarizes a Carriers’ Reward Program and may have outdated or incomplete information. Please refer to the carrier’s website for the latest details, rules, and other specifics required to earn their rewards.

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