We all pay taxes, and we all resent it. So often, it seems like we get nothing tangible in return. Still, there are many things you can get free of charge from the federal government, here are just a few: 1) Cell Phone – Recognizing that cells phones are essential for modern life, the government has a free cell phone program for low-income people. Unlike some programs, you can efficiently conduct an internet search for a “free government cell phone,” and you’ll find several companies that will help you get the phone. The government pays these companies once you’re approved. The phones might have limited services, such as data limits, etc., but they are working phones that can help you and members of your family stay safe and connected. 2) Broadband Internet – While many use our broadband to stream TV or video games, the internet is also where we can get an education, find a job, or even work from home. The government wants to help people use the internet to improve their lives, so they offer credit for broadband internet service. This service allows low-income or disabled persons to find work online, stay connected to the world, and learn new skills. 3) Job Training – Unemployed or underemployed people can get free vocational training from the government. Many people would likely make a lot more money by learning a trade or skill; the problem is that if you don’t have money, you can’t afford to pay for the training you need. The government supplies free training to qualified people. You can learn more from the U.S. Department of Labor or by contacting your local Health and Human Services Office. You can also try your local community college; their financial aid office is usually eager to help people find the aid they need to go to school. 4) Laptop – Yes, you read that right; the government will help you get a free laptop computer if you qualify. A laptop is the key to the entire world in the modern job market; you can learn, grow, and even start your own business with a computer. A laptop and internet from your local coffee shop (or the free internet mentioned above) could allow you to become an entrepreneur and make a great living right at home. 5) Health Insurance – The Affordable Care Act (ACA) continues to connect millions of Americans with health insurance at little or no cost. And, companies such as TrueCoverage, offer even more ACA marketplace options to help Americans find the best insurance policy for the lowest rate. While ACA users can use a marketplace set up by their state, the problem is that most don’t understand what all those terms mean and which policy is best for us in the end. Plus, TrueCoverage can offer even more options than the typical government marketplace. There are lots more ways the government can help you by providing you with the tools you need to stay connected, make a great living, and keep your family healthy. We all pay for the services and programs provided by the government. We might as well get a little back when we could use the help. 

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