Under the new Special Enrollment Period (SEP), eligible applicants can enroll in an ACA-compliant health plan through the marketplace year-round

This Special Enrollment Period does not limit the ACA health plan that can be selected. But people with income up to 150% of the poverty level are strongly encouraged to choose a Silverplan. 

Silver plans have built-in cost-sharing reductions for people at that income level, making the coverage better than a Platinum plan. 

Who Qualifies for the Low- Income Special Enrollment & Period?

An applicant’s income cannot exceed 150% of the federal poverty level to be eligible. An individual enrolling in 2022 whose income is no more than $19,320 will qualify. For a household of five, it’s $46,560.

Household SizeHousehold Income

And for as long as the American Rescue Plan’s subsidy enhancements are in effect — at least through the end of 2022 — the two lowest-cost Silver plans are premium-free (in most states).

The Inflation Reduction Act, passed by the House on August 7th, 2022, extends the Low-Income SEP and other Affordable Care Act subsidies through 2025.

Is the Low – Income SEP Available in All States?

Not necessarily. State-run exchanges (there are 18 as of the 2022 plan year) do not have to offer this SEP. But as of early 2022, several state-run exchanges (Colorado, Maine, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, California, and Rhode Island) had debuted the new SEP.

States Participating in Low-Income SEPFPL %
AlabamaUp to 150%
AlaskaUp to 150%
ArizonaUp to 150%
CaliforniaUp to 150%
ColoradoUp to 150% New Consumers only
DelawareUp to 150%
FloridaUp to 150%
GeorgiaUp to 150%
HawaiiUp to 150%
IllinoisUp to 150%
IndianaUp to 150%
IowaUp to 150%
KansasUp to 150%
LouisianaUp to 150%
MaineUp to 150%
MichiganUp to 150%
MississippiUp to 150%
MissouriUp to 150%
MontanaUp to 150%
NebraskaUp to 150%
New HampshireUp to 150%
New JerseyUp to 200%
North CarolinaUp to 150%
North DakotaUp to 150%
OhioUp to 150%
OklahomaUp to 150%
PennsylvaniaUp to 150%
Rhode IslandUp to 150%
South CarolinaUp to 150%
South DakotaUp to 150%
TennesseeUp to 150%
TexasUp to 150%
UtahUp to 150%
West VirginiaUp to 150%
WisconsinUp to 150%
WyomingUp to 150%

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