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In case you live in Indiana, you will need to enroll into Indiana health insurance plan. You can choose both low cost health insurance in Indiana and average cost of health insurance in Indiana. There are a host of platforms from where you can buy your medical insurance plans in Indiana. Different health insurance companies in Indiana are offering tailor-made healthcare coverage according to insurer’s requirements. The health insurance marketplace Indiana also works to customize health insurance plans depending upon the individual needs of the employees.

Why is low cost health insurance Indiana needed?

Reasons are a plenty why people are looking for low cost health insurance Indiana. Indiana is located in the mid-western regions of USA. By its area size, it is the 38th largest state and stands 16th in the most populated states. There is ample access to healthcare for each of its citizen. In case you wish to buy from the open market, there are health insurance exchange Indiana which will give you the best information about providing good health insurance to its customers and visitors alike to Indiana.
Health insurance statistics in Indiana
The current statistics on status of health insurance coverage in Indiana stands at:

  • Uninsured citizen: 12%
  • HMO enrollees: 1,080961
  • Average premium per individual in employee-sponsored coverage: $950
  • Cost for each inpatient/day: $1849

Health insurance plans in Indiana
Almost all the plans are available with the Idaho health insurance marketplace. These plans can be either purchased individually and also combined together to make a customized-comprehensive package. The following plans are available with health insurance Idaho:

Dental Vision
POS Indemnity
Medicaid Medicare

Recent news of Indiana health insurance

From Indiana, Mike Pence was running the U.S. Presidential election for 2016 along with Donald Trump. This brought the state of Indiana much into limelight, though whether this would benefit the state’s health insurance sector is really doubtful. It was found that the voters of Indiana did not support the law of ACA. Yet, it was found that affordable health insurance of Indiana had benefited through ACA. Great reduction has happened in the rate of uninsured here. Hence, low cost of health insurance in Indiana will find greater prevalence in 2017 for those who shop through health insurance marketplace Indiana.

Health insurance companies in Indiana

Understanding the need to cover maximum number of people under healthcare coverage, TrueCoverage offers affordable Indiana health insurance plans for individuals, families and small businesses from the following leading carriers:

Aetna Health
Anthem of Indiana
Consumers Life Insurance Company
United Security
United Health One
World Insurance
Blue Cross of Idaho
Loyal American
Group Health
Assurant Health
Pacific source

Come to TrueCoverage and

Indiana State Stats

 Total population: 6,273,918
Health Insurance Coverage: Total Population

  • Employer: 52%
  • Non-Group: 5%
  • Medicaid: 19%
  • Medicare: 14%
  • Other Public: 1%
  • Uninsured: 9%

(Source: Kaiser Family Foundation Survey, 2014)
Percent Change in Uninsured Rate: Age-wise, 2013-2014

  • Children 0-18: 5% reduction
  • Adults 19-64: 14% Reduction
  • Total: 19% Reduction

Enrollees Receiving Financial Assistance at Exchanges as part of the Subsidy-Eligible group as of June 30, 2015

  • Total Enrollees receiving Financial Assistance: 259,701
  • Estimated Number of Potential Marketplace Enrollees Eligible for Financial Assistance: 376,000
  • Percent of the Potential Subsidy-Eligible Population Enrolled: 69%

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