Blue Cross Blue Shield in New Mexico

Finding affordable Health insurance is essential to everyone.  Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Mexico has been providing health insurance to the people of New Mexico since the 1940s. Headquartered in Albuquerque, it offers health insurance plans for individuals, families, and businesses. In any sequence which calls for affordable health insurance in New Mexico, BSBC of NM can help provide access to low-cost health insurance of New Mexico.

Everything you need to know about Affordable Health Insurance in New Mexico!

There are several BCBS of NM community services, like access to healthcare, community involvement programs to health and wellness, performing health condition management, and looking for a cumulative cure, collaborating with the health insurance companies, etc. BCBS of NM had also identified New Mexico as the first state were different ancillary insurance plans were provided. BCBS of New Mexico first introduced health plans like PPO, POS, and HMOs.

About BCBS of NM

Blue Cross Blue Shield NM has over 800 employees in the state and believes in being part of the solution to make health care affordable and accessible by all. It has the following motto:

“Help New Mexico be a healthier place to live, work, & play while developing innovative products to serve nearly 400,000 customers.”

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Mexico health plans provide flexible benefit designs and access to the largest network of providers, including hospitals and physicians, in the state.

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BEST and Most Affordable Health Coverage in NM

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Blue Cross Blue Shield NM Community involvement

Blue Cross Blue Shield of NM has many programs that help community members to access quality health care. It accepts requests for funding and grants from charitable organizations in New Mexico that fulfill specific criteria.

  • Access to Care
  • Healthy Living/Wellness
  • Condition Management
  • Business Partner
  • Healthy Kids, Healthy Families®

Besides winning numerous awards from the industry, state, and community, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Mexico was the first company in the state to:

  • Offer PPO coverage
  • Introduce point-of-service coverage
  • Exchange electronic claims information with providers
  • Provide a dedicated customer service unit for large group accounts
  • Offer in-hospital medical coverage on a per visit basis
  • Affordable insurance NM from BlueCross BlueShield NM is a core part of their success!

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