When you take the national average, New Mexico does not have a health care index than it can boast about. Most of the population lives with a bare minimum income. Hardly 10% of the entire New Mexico’s population has health insurance coverage.

Health trends in New Mexico

New Mexico faces innumerable challenges when it comes to public health. Even when the density of population for NM is low, huge socio-cultural diversities pose a serious challenge in improving the health conditions of the people. A big chunk of the population is found suffering from heart diseases and cancer. Moreover, common modern day illnesses like obesity and substance abuse also run at a higher rate with the New Mexicans.
Until 2010, before Obamacare was introduced, the number of uninsured was extremely high in New Mexico. It was only after the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was implemented, one main feature of which was the expansion of Medicaid, New Mexico seems to be heading towards a positive direction in the health care space.

Affordable Health Insurance in New Mexico

If you are a resident or legal immigrant in New Mexico, you need to be covered under the Affordable Care Act Exchange. However, you must also be aware of the innumerable challenges New Mexico experiences in health concerns. Apart from the high rate of uninsured population, the number of dentists and Primary Care Physicians (PCP) are really low.
In health rankings within the USA, NM ranks #37 (according to 2015 ratings). The state is #45 in providing adequate health care. Also, in terms of medical facilities for infectious diseases, NM is at #48. A recent Commonwealth report states that access to health care affordability for NM stands right at the end, at #50.
The state is looking to bring higher transparency into medical health care. Insurance providers have been directed to be extremely fair with their pricing, prohibiting price discrepancies between different insurers. All this came into effect since 2014. The current statistics on health insurance coverage in New Mexico stands at: 

  1. Uninsured citizens: 23.16%
  2. HMO enrollees: 524,206
  3. Average premium per individual in employee-sponsored coverage: $950
  4. Cost for each inpatient/day: $1,900

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New Mexico State Stats

New Mexico (31° 20'N to 37°N and 103°W to 109°W), founded in 1610,  is a famous Southwestern state that encompasses diverse terrains like Sange de Cristo mountains and the Chihuahuan desert. Encapsulating a total area of 121,412 sq miles, this state inhabits a total population of 2,085,109.  
Total population: 2,035,200

Health Insurance Coverage: Total Population

  • Employer: 37%
  • Non-Group: 5%
  • Medicaid: 28%
  • Medicare: 15%
  • Other Public: 3%
  • Uninsured: 12%

(Source: Kaiser Family Foundation Survey, 2014)
Percent Change in Uninsured Rate: Age-wise, 2013-2014

  1. Children 0-18: 7% reduction
  2. Adults 19-64: 35% Reduction
  3. Total: 31% Reduction

Enrollees Receiving Financial Assistance at Exchanges as part of the Subsidy-Eligible group as of June 30, 2015

  1. Total Enrollees receiving Financial Assistance: 32,341
  2. Estimated Number of Potential Marketplace Enrollees Eligible for Financial Assistance: 58,000
  3. Percent of the Potential Subsidy-Eligible Population Enrolled: 55%

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