In the year 1999, the Bipartisan Congress finally came out with a solution to help 10 million children of America. Most of the children in the U.S. lacked health insurance earlier. The 105th Congress created the State Children Health Insurance Program as a budget, and enacted as the Title XXI of Social Security Act (SSA). CHIP provides government help to design programs specifically for the those children whose families do not qualify for Medicaid, but cannot buy private health insurance.

To understand better how CHIP can benefit the children of USA, this blog attempts to provide 5 pointers that establish why you should take health insurance for your children from CHIP aka SCHIP:


Those CHIP programs that have extensions in Medicaid available provide EPSDT for the children. EPSDT is “Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment.” Under EPSDT, the children get coverage for health related facilities plus rehabilitation of children to maintain and improve their cognitive skills.

2.Dental Care

All the CHIP coverage include dental care in their program. The or you may buy it separately. As dental care is one of the most important and primary care required for kids, a proper dental health insurance plan can actually save a lot of unnecessary expenditure, which CHIP provides.

3.Vision Care

If we talk about dental care, vision care also should be talked about. A lot of children are found suffering from different eye problems. Some of them even need to wear high power glasses and undergo critical examinations and surgery. Nearly all of the CHIP programs separately cover annual examinations of the eyes and provide glasses.

4.Mental illness

CHIP also takes care of the mental illness cases in children, for both out- and in-patient care without any maximum limit. Moreover, substance abuse treatment and rehabilitation services are also carried under CHIP, and in almost all the states.

5.Special care

CHIP has come up with this special program of where children who need special care are covered. All kinds of children physiotherapy, speech training, occupational therapies are all covered under CHIP.

For those living in the U.S. and and either have children of their own, or are planning getting kids, should ideally check with the different facilities CHIP or SCHIP provides. This may help them cut down costs on most of their children’s health care needs. They are also able to help their children grow up under professional and good medical attention. CHIP has enabled a healthy and disease-free lifestyle for the American kids.

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