(USA, 30º 26' N, 84º 17' W) - Close to 73 million US nationals have affordable health insurance under Medicaid. In Florida, Medicaid and CHIP has brought 16 million people under its canopy, between 2013 and 2016. During his electoral campaign, Trump had repeatedly iterated that ACA will be completely replaced. However, affordable health insurance plans have been amended, not repealed by this president elect. His present motive is to keep some of the provisions, just replace allowing coverage on:

pre-existing conditions and other medical conditions where children up to 26 years are allowed their parent’s coverage.

The situation in Trump’s second state (as he states it to be) Florida for health insurance seems grim. There are more than 1.7 million people in Florida who bought affordable health insurance in Florida from the ACA exchange. They went to the online marketplace only because they were not eligible for government-sponsored plans.

There is a shortage of insurance providers in the state and only 14-19 percent rise has happened of the premium customers. Obama government had said that the out-of-pocket costs will be replaced by tax credits for almost every other Floridians in the health insurance exchange in Florida.

The president-elect has asked several times that the law should be replaced, while keeping many elements that are created to help people keep coverage and keep the costs low. Things like bringing down the cost of health savings, and to buy health insurance from Florida. Of course nothing is clear about how much that will affect the people of Florida.

The scorecard for the health performance system of Florida was 37th, where the details of the scorecard for Florida health insurance was prepared on the basis of these five categories:

  • Access
  • Pevention and Treatment
  • Avoidable hospital cost and use
  • Equity
  • Healthy Lives

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Things are changing after the affordable health insurance plans for Florida have been implemented. Gallery survey finds places the following stats for Florida:

*** (2013) - 22.1%
*** (2014) - 18.3%
*** (2015) - 15.2%
[ ***- No. Of uninsured]

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Florida Health Plans

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Florida Health Plans
Florida State data
Total population : 19,731,100
Employer : 39%
Non-Group : 8%
Medicaid : 19%
Medicare : 17%
Other Public : 2%
Uninsured : 15%
(Source: Kaiser Family Foundation Survey, 2014)

Health Coverage Trends

Post implementing of Obamacare, there have been some changes observed in the overall rate of the uninsured across Florida. The numbers were quite high, which led Florida reach 41st position among the states about its population having health insurance plans.

Percent Change in Uninsured Rate by Age, 2013-2014

Children 0-18 : -24%
Adults 19-64 : -21%
Total : -21%

Marketplace Enrollees Receiving Financial Assistance as a Share of the Subsidy-Eligible Population

(as of June 30, 2015)

  1. Total Marketplace Enrollees Receiving Financial Assistance: 1,200,960
  2. Estimated Number of Potential Marketplace Enrollees Eligible for Financial Assistance: 1,556,000
  3. Percent of the Potential Subsidy-Eligible Population Enrolled: 77%

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