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My Health Pays® Rewards

Get rewarded for focusing on your health!

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My Health Pays® Rewards

Earn My Health Pays® rewards when you complete healthy activities like a yearly wellness exam, annual screenings, tests, and other ways to protect your health.


After you activate your account and start getting points, you can convert them into money to help you cover health-related costs and monthly bills such as:

• Monthly premium payments
• Doctor copays**
• Deductibles
• Coinsurance
• Utilities (gas, electric, water)
• Telecommunications (cell phone bill)
• Transportation
• Education
• Rent and Childcare

My Health Pays® Rewards
• Rent
• Cell phone bill
• Utilities
• Transportation
• Telecommunications
• Childcare services
• Education
• Expenses for dental, chiropractic

Your points can even be used for items like cooking, fitness, and other everyday essentials. See all details for rewards program, all states have same rewards program.

Restrictions may apply if used in a different state. But they are able to use at any Walmart or Sams Club. My Health Pays rewards cannot be used to pay premiums in Nevada and Arizona or for healthcare costs in New Mexico 

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This page summarizes a Carriers’ Reward Program and may have outdated or incomplete information. Please refer to the carrier’s website for the latest details, rules, and other specifics required to earn their rewards.

We are providing range of services


Mental Health & SAC

Covers therapy, meds, counseling for mental health & substance abuse; coverage varies.


Laboratory Services

Lab services covered by insurance include blood/urine tests, genetic testing, and pathology; coverage varies.


Prescription Drugs

Prescription drug coverage includes brand-name, generic, specialty drugs, OTC drugs, and some medical devices.


Therapy Services

Insurance covers therapy services like talk therapy, CBT, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy.



Hospitalization insurance covers inpatient stays, surgeries, intensive care, diagnostic tests, and rehabilitation services.


Pediatric Care

Covers pediatric care like checkups, preventive care, specialty care, behavioral health, dental, and vision.

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