The average lifetime risk of developing breast cancer is ONE in EIGHT (12% of women). About 300,000 cases of breast cancer are diagnosed each year in the USA of which about 85% are successfully treated.

Sadly, breast cancer is the most common form of cancer (after skin cancers) but despite progress in treatment over 40,000 women (in the USA) die from the disease each year.

Of course, there have been significant advances in ‘late-stage’ treatments but the best opportunity to combat the condition is early detection.

ACA compliant health insurance covers the total cost of screening mammograms (including dependents up to the age of 26).

If a ‘screening’ mammogram reveals an abnormality your physician may suggest a ‘diagnostic ’mammogram.

The diagnostic investigation may entail further x-rays or a biopsy. In most cases the result is negative.  BUT early indications are your opportunity to access early treatment.

Not all health insurance policies cover the cost of ‘diagnostic’ assessments. Talk to us before you choose.

Use ACA open enrollment (November 1st -December 15th, 2019) to make sure that you and your family are eligible for your 2020 screenings.

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