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Many people are paying very little and in some cases nothing for their Health Plans

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Enrollment Dates

1st Nov-15th Dec, 2019

Affordable health insurance looks like this

A 59-year-old woman with an income of $14,500 a year, was able to qualify for a $250 deductible health plan through Truecoverage insurance marketplace for $19.23. Also,

Truecoverage - shop health insurance - health insurance marketplace $10 doctor copays

Truecoverage - shop health insurance - health insurance marketplace Free preventative testing

Truecoverage - shop health insurance - health insurance marketplace Full hospitalization

Truecoverage - shop health insurance - health insurance marketplace $5 prescriptions

Over 500 Top Insurers

TrueCoverage works with over 500 insurers across all 50 States and with local agents who are totally familiar with the Federal and State legislation. That’s TrueCoverage!

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Choose the Best Health Plans

Ask the right questions

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Whay Type of Plan You Suggest?

The answer is either HMO or a PPO, in HMO you can only visit Doctors who are contracted to your insurer (in‑network) but you will be charged at the contracted (discounted) rate. In PPO you have the option to visit Doctors not contracted to your insurer (out of network), but you will be charged the full price

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Can I stay with current provider?

Yes, it is entirely possible. You can renew your existing policy but if your Doctor is in more than one network, we can find the one that offers the best health plan for you (Either HMO or PPO) or We can find the most affordable health insurance plan (PPO) and you can visit your current family Doctor ‘off network’.

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What will my monthly premiums be?

It is entirely down to you and your circumstances! On balance, you should plan to commit 10% – 15% 0f household income to healthcare. You may choose a low premium and high personal exposure to the costs of services provided You may choose to pay a higher premium and pay less of the service costs

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What do I get for my premium?

First you and your dependents have access to a ‘managed care’ system, usually an HMO or PPO. Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) plan members are entitled to – Preventative care services including screening of common conditions Counselling & vaccines, Preventative care benefits for women and children

Pre-esisiting conditions

Will pre-existing conditions affect acceptance

If you enroll on the Health insurance marketplace you cannot be refused, or charged more, if you or any of your dependents have a pre-existing condition.  Depending on the insurer there may be an exclusion period. Your health insurance agent should clarify this.

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Are we covered while on Travel?

If you travel regularly on business or your take regular vacation and go on travel with your family Truecoverage would recommend you should include this in your health plan. If you take out of location vacations either in mainland USA or abroad you should consider specific short-term plans

Many people are paying very little and in some cases nothing for their health plans

Customer Stories

This is the third yeard I have used Truecoverage for our insurance needs, Each year the team has found incredible prices for me and my partner.

Ellen W Feagin

They are truly the people you want to navigate your healthcare in today’s time. They helped me with the best possible health insurance plans for me & my family.

Mike Sanchez

As a self-employed person, I never dreamed I would ever get such great insurance coverage at such a reasonable price. I think I celebrated for a whole week after that.

Liz Branham

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