Medicare part b

All kinds of medically required services, along with preventive care, outpatient services in a hospital, lab tests etc. Are all covered under Medicare Part B. Every individual who is either a permanent citizen of America or legal immigrant for the last 5 years can be eligible to receive the benefits of Medicare Part B. Medicare Part B caters to a range of medical tests, medical supplies, medical services, and preventive treatments.

Those areas of medical services that gets covered under Medicare Part B:

  • Essential services from physicians
  • Medical screenings
  • Ambulance
  • Outpatient care, like physiotherapy or occupational therapy
  • Services for mentally disabled
  • Subsidiary home health services
  • Medical equipment of durable quality

Unlike Medicare Part A, Part B plays the role of providing medical assistance for outpatient care, like visits to doctors, lab tests, medications, and medical equipment. In case you qualify for Medicare Part A, you will also automatically qualify for Medicare Part B. In case your age is 65 and you have social security checks, you are naturally eligible for Medicare Part B. You also have the liberty to opt out.

For the premium you have to pay, you need to pay a monthly premium of $134/month. In case you are enrolled into Medicare in 2017, you will have to pay less than the mentioned amount. This is owing to the increase in premium amount than the cost required for social security. Those who enrolled in 2017, part of your premium will go through social security, you pay only $109 on average every month.
However, for those with higher than average monthly income, >$85,000 (individual) or >$170,000 (family), the monthly premium will be higher for Medicare Part B. However, you will be penalized for signing up late, a lifetime of 10% for every 1 year of delay in enrollment.

Different services you may receive under Medicare Part B are:

Medical plus other services

Almost 80% of all the doctors services, treatments under OPD, simple and durable essential medical equipment like oxygen tubes and wheel chairs, and mental health care costs. Rest of the 20% comes as your individual contribution.

Radiology services and laboratory tests

All kinds of lab services like blood tests, X-rays, EEG, etc. are taken care of under Medicare Part B, until the patient is asked to stay in the hospital for 24 hours or more.

Outpatient services

Certain hospital services like visit to the doctor etc. Is taken care by Medicare Part B with copayment.

Health care at Home

Medicare Part B will provide coverage for therapists and nurses as part-time home service. Only 20% of the equipment charges will be paid from your end like walking sticks, frames and wheelchairs.

Preventive services

Different sorts of preventive services such as vaccinations, screenings, are available under this term absolutely free. Also screening of counseling for alcohol use and other mental ailments like obesity, depression, sexually transmitted disease screening, lifestyle and diet counseling for cardiovascular behavioral disorders.

Blood transfusions

After you have paid three times for a blood transfusion in a year’s time, Medicare will bear 80% of your costs for blood transfusion as outpatient.
It is to be remembered that you are naturally eligible for Medicare Part B if you are eligible for Medicare Part A. All you need to do is pay the premiums and reach the age of 65 years to be naturally eligible.

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