Get to Know Your Low Cost Health Insurance Plan In-and-Out

Whatever the product may be, if you have managed a good bargain on it you are really happy.  More so when it comes to medical services in the USA, the bigger the bargain the better. However, finding a low cost health insurance is harder than you can actually imagine. If you have picked low premiums in health insurance plans, the cost sharing may just shoot up. You need to understand the eligibility for your cost sharing, within the plans you choose.

However, if you understand some basic concepts, you can easily save big share of your hard earned cash on health care and health insurance plans.

Key points to remember while purchasing health insurance

Just pay your monthly premiums, and your insurer may contact you with certain in-network provisions. You may receive cost coverage before your copays and also sometimes for coinsurance. The moment you have exhausted yourself paying out-of-pockets bills, 100% of your healthcare cost will be borne by the copay. Again, always remember to get medical treatments within your network, or else you will end up paying higher amounts on your out-of-pocket expenses.

ACA and its impact on health insurance

There are lots of rules formulated by the ACA. These factors ultimately decide the costs of health insurance. For instance, cost assistance is made available to all families earning between 100%-400% of the Federal poverty level. It is actually the cost assistance factor that usually determines you the best low cost health insurance option.
The plans started after 2014 have mostly mandated their out-of-pocket costs to be no more than $6,600 per person and $13,200 per family. The plans must also cover a minimum of 10 essential benefits within their benefits coverage. Every health insurance plan under ACA will thus cover you for any kind of emergency.

Conditions set for getting low cost health insurance

What kind of minimum costs you need will depend on your income level plus the medical requirements you have. Of course, we suggest you should collect the following information before you start shopping for health care coverage:

  • What is the maximum amount of cash you can afford to spend in the worst case situation? For some plans, you must finish spending your share of deductibles for the agency to offer any kind of cost sharing. If your deductible plan is high, in case of any emergency, you may just end up owing the full deductibles.
  • What kind of annual medical needs do you have? This includes your specialist physician, the kind of drugs that you may need the next year etc. More services will cost you a higher amount. Of course, you will then be entitled to more networks and benefits coverage as well. Mostly all major plans provide minimum cover, while the better plans may offer you more than your essential medical requirements.
  • What will be your family income for the coming year? If it comes below 400% of the Federal poverty level, you might be eligible for a subsidy through Health Insurance Marketplace or Medicaid.

How to find the best plan?

  • In case you qualify for tax credits- you can compare plans in the health insurance marketplace
  • If you barely qualify for tax credits- you may look for adequate plans outside the health insurance marketplace.
  • And, if you are not qualified for tax credits- you are free to choose from both the marketplace and outside for your health insurance plan options.

So, now when you sit down to look for a low cost health insurance plan, you know that your income level is the forerunner while zeroing in on the plan. Don’t ever think that the low cost plan will always save you the maximum. A low-cost plan, in the long run, might become expensive because of uncovered costs. Better options could be highly subsided plans, CHIP, or Medicaid.

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