One year after the first Michael Jordan Family Medical Clinic opened its doors in Charlotte, North Carolina, the basketball great and his partner Novant Health have opened second health clinic. The second health clinic by Michael Jordan will support the North End community with the same aim of providing critical access to primary and preventive care to those who are uninsured or underinsured.

The new one also incorporates behavioural health and social care programmes, solving health equality disparities further worsened by COVID-19, including the initial medical clinic in western Charlotte, which was founded with a generous $7 million grant from Michael Jordan.

“The commitment of Michael Jordan to improving the health clinic of our communities and society is profoundly rooted,” said Carl Armato, Novant Health’s CEO and president. “The effect of the first clinic has been measurable, and if COVID-19 has taught us anything, in communities that need it most, it is important to provide affordable, secure, and reliable treatment,” he added.”

When we came together to mark the launch of the first clinic last fall, no one could have expected that we will be facing a worldwide pandemic just five months later, “Jordan said on a Zoom call.” I’m so proud of the positive effect our clinic, especially during COVID-19, has had on the community so far.

Over 3350 patients, including more than 450 children, were seen at the clinic on Freedom Drive in its first year. Among this, nearly 700 patients were assisted by a full-time social worker at the facility, with nearly 80 patients seeking direct behavioural health care.


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